We're delighted to announce that Paula Coogan will once again be running the Career Clinic at Jobs Expo 2014!


About the Career Clinic

The Free Career Clinic is one of the main attractions of Jobs Expo, providing you with the chance to have one-on-one time with a professional careers expert.

These experts are here to answer your questions, giving career advice that cover areas such as:


About Paula Coogan

Paula Coogan, owner of The Quarter Life Coach, is an accredited Life and Career Coach. She specialises in working with individuals in their 20's and 30's who feel that they are a million miles away from where they expected to be in life and have no idea how to bridge the gap. For details of Paula's coaching packages and programmes visit

Get your CV in order before Jobs Expo. Jobs Expo offers you the opportunity to meet with your potential employers face to face. This allows you to get a feel for the company and to make the first impression that online applications lack. It would be a great shame however, if the employer is greatly impressed by you only to be disappointed by a lacklustre CV.

We’ve compiled a list of three basic tips to help make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd this September.

1. Structure

While a CV can vary greatly from person to person most will contain a section on your previous experience and a section on your education. Bearing in mind the quantity of applications that an employer must read for a role, which of these sections do you think should come first?

While your education is no doubt relevant and should be included a good CV will immediately show the employer that you have the working knowledge necessary to do the job well by highlighting your relevant experience and responsibilities.

There are exceptions to every rule of course - for example if you are applying for a graduate position  and your experience is limited to your education then you should list your education first. The main thing to bear in mind is that the information that the employer is looking for is the easiest for them to find.

2. Research the Company

It may seem like an obvious notion but when you are applying for a position in a company, it should highlight that not only are you qualified to work there but that you want to work there. Generic CV's are very easy for employers to pick up on and tailoring your CV to the company and job role is one of the simplest but often overlooked ways of making a favourable impression.

Take the time to research the companies exhibiting and edit your CV accordingly. This does mean that you will have to rewrite your entire CV for each role that you wish to apply for, but it might mean moving some things around so that the most relevant information is the first thing the employer sees. If the role involves people management skills then any responsibilities you had that highlights your experience in this area should appear first e.g. training new staff members. If however, the role is IT based then training new staff members will not be as relevant as the technical skills necessary for the job.

3. Spelling & Grammar

Compiling a CV can be a tedious task and errors can often slip through  but when dealing with dozens if not hundreds of CV's for any given role employers can have little patience for such unnecessary mistakes. This is particularly relevant for any job role that requires ‘attention to detail’!

While some mistakes will escape the notice of spell check, taking the time to ask a friend to proof read your CV can help ensure that your CV is accurate and presentable.

And don’t forget, if you feel like your CV could use some sprucing up before visiting the employers at Jobs Expo then you can always visit the free Career Clinic first!


Global ICT solutions provider Fujitsu claims that almost two-thirds of the IT leaders and decision-makers in financial services anticipate that their budgets will increase within the next three years.

Improved market conditions and changing infrastructures are two factors influencing the widely expected increase in expenditure.

The research was announced at the Fujitsu World Tour, which made its way to Ireland for the first time this year at The Convention Centre in Dublin. The findings covered areas such as retail banking, investment banking and insurance.

‘ICT is a fundamental component of the financial services industry and with over 500 financial services firms here in the IFSC, the work of companies such as Fujitsu Ireland is playing an ever-increasing role within the sector,’ said John Bruton, president of the IFSC Ireland.

‘Ireland has become a global leader for the IT industry and events such as the Fujitsu World Tour are very important in bringing together global thought leaders and further showcasing Ireland as a place to do business.’

Job creation is up... way up! The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) reports that over 100 companies have promised to create 8,000 jobs in Ireland.

Many of the new jobs will go outside of Dublin. Biopharma group Regeneron, for example, will be creating 300 long-term jobs in Limerick with an additional 600 construction jobs.

It is estimated that around two-fifths of the investment is coming from companies that are setting up in Ireland for the first time.

The announcement means that there are 1,000 jobs more than there were at the same period of last year.

Outgoing IDA boss Barry O’Leary said: ‘Access and sentiment towards Ireland is exceptionally good.’ Noting that the numbers employed by the 1,100 firms getting IDA grants stands at a record high of 161,112, he continued: ‘There is no slowdown. In fact, there is an increase.’

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