Jobs Expo Cork is delighted to announce that Cope Foundation will be recruiting for jobs at our November event. Cope Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supports over 2,350 children and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism in 65 locations across Cork city and county.

What Cope Does

Cope Foundation provides a wide range of services and supports.

Firstly, their Early Intervention service is for children with an intellectual disability from birth to 6 years of age. After referral the Early Intervention Team visit the child to make sure they get all the correct supports.

They also have support services for children and young people in primary, secondary and third-level education. In addition, the offer training supports for people who have left school.

Further services include housing supports, arts and creative therapies, physical activity and sports and supports for a short break from home.


Cope Foundation supports a number of projects and advocacy campaigns. One especially noteworthy project is “Grand Job?” This is a campaign helping people with intellectual disabilities to find paid employment. They also work in partnership with other countries in Europe.


Cope Foundation was originally set up in the 1957 as the Cork Poliomyelitis Association. Over the years, the organisation changed their services and supports. On the 5th December 1988 their name changed to Cope Foundation.

Jobs Expo Cork is delighted to announce that Sanofi will be recruiting for jobs at our November event.

Sanofi provides patients and healthcare professionals in Ireland with efficient and effective therapeutic responses to diseases in their key therapy areas.

In Ireland, the company provides medicines to treat patients with illnesses including oncology, diabetes, thrombotic and cardiovascular diseases, renal, biosurgery and central nervous disorders.

The company’s principal area of business is ethical pharmaceuticals. Their primary goal is to find treatments to prevent, combat and eradicate diseases around the world. They provide therapeutic and preventive solutions for populations in developing as well as industrialised countries.

Their core therapeutic areas are:

In addition, they are working on treatments geared to help populations in developing countries. One especially noteworthy example is their Impact Malaria programme.

Community and social responsibility

The company is committed to providing the most efficient and reliable medicines to patients, but also to improving their quality of life. Through partnerships with humanitarian associations, professional bodies, patient groups and scientific societies, Sanofi works actively to save lives and promote health. They also put their specialist expertise at the disposal of some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

Furthermore, the company has a strong policy of social responsibility. Although centred on protecting Sanofi employees and their families, this also involves playing an active role in supporting or developing humanitarian initiatives throughout the world.

Careers at Sanofi

Sanofi offers stimulating and rewarding career paths for talented people. They look for whose attitude and commitment complement their philosophy of courage, creativity, performance, respect, audacity and solidarity. The company offers a wide range and variety of jobs. As a result, employees can choose exciting and challenging opportunities to build their careers.

After a successful Jobs Expo Dublin, we are delighted to announce that PhoneWatch, will be joining us – and recruiting for jobs – at Jobs Expo Cork.

About the company

PhoneWatch instantly respond to burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Their mission is to delivery safety solutions to homeowners and small businesses across Europe.

Whether a client is at home or away, having PhoneWatch means they can relax knowing that they will be there to make sure everything is safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The company is the biggest provider of burglar alarm systems in Ireland. They have been supplying alarms for more than 20 years. They are also part of Sector Alarm, one of the leading providers of monitored home security in Europe. Their burglar alarms systems are certified to EN 50131-1:2006. In addition, the Private Security Authority licenses and accredits the company.

Career Opportunities

As PhoneWatch continues to grow, they are looking for new staff to join them. All new employees receive comprehensive training. In addition, there are opportunities to develop and progress through the company. Furthermore, wherever possible, the company promotes from within.

PhoneWatch recognises that the training and development of employees is fundamental. They believe that this improves operational performance and assists the company reach its goals. Therefore, they strive to make training an integral part of their organisation.


We are delighted to announce that HiUp will be joining us at Jobs Expo Cork.

HiUp matches you to your right job. It works simply: you download a free app and upload your details and qualifications. In no time at all, you’ll get notifications of thousands of jobs that match your skills. Unlike other job sites, you are fully informed every step of the way. For example, the recruiter will tell you if you’re a first or second match for a role.

But the app does more than just find you work...

Accredited training courses with HiUp

Using the app, you can take courses to improve your skills and enhance your earning power. These are accredited courses: employers recognise them and hire candidates who have them. What’s more, HiUp do their utmost to ensure they’re low-cost, and often they’re for free.

By doing these courses, you’re creating a virtual career wallet: a fully-protected, online CV, which you can expand whenever you get a new role or take a new course. You’re in control of your training, your career and, above all, your future.

The world of work is evolving like never before. So HiUp have created an app in which your CV, like your career, is constantly evolving.

Jobs Expo Cork is very pleased to announce that Oriel High School will be recruiting for jobs at our event on 16 November at the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs.

About Oriel High School

Oriel High School is an innovative and successful 11-18 school. It opened in September 2004 and since then has grown year on year. Each year the school is oversubscribed with over 1400 students. Most noteworthy, this year Ofsted rate the school as "Good" (2016 Ofsted Report). Ofsted describes a school as good if it is effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils’ needs. This means that pupils are prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment.

Oriel High School is a dynamic and vibrant school. It offers outstanding facilities. It is also ambitious for its students. Therefore, the school provides inspirational learning opportunities in a nurturing, harmonious and cooperative environment. The school offers an exciting and engaging curriculum to meet the individual needs of each of their students and enable them to achieve their potential. The staff have high expectations of themselves. Therefore, they work together in partnership so that all members of their community feel valued.

There is an extensive support program for new and newly qualified staff along with a commitment to help staff at all stages in their career develop to be the best that they can be. Oriel High School values professional creativity. As a result, they provide staff and students the opportunity to thrive.

One of our busiest exhibitors at Jobs Expo Dublin, US Immigration Attorney Caro Kinsella, returns to Jobs Expo Cork this November.

Caro Kinsella is a seasoned US Immigration and Nationality law expert. She is internationally renowned for successfully assisting her clients with a wide range of immigration issues.

Originally from Limerick, Caro attended University College Cork. She then earned her LLB at London Metropolitan University. Caro Kinsella's main offices are in Miami, Florida, and the firm also has a satellite office in Dublin, Ireland.

Caro has gone through the immigration process herself, and has been living in the US for many years. As a result, she has personal experience of immigration as well as professional expertise.

Services and Expertise

The Law Offices of Caro Kinsella is one of the US’s leading groups of experienced immigration attorneys and international business experts. Their practice focuses on a variety of immigration concerns. These include:

The legal team also provide corporate immigration assistance for businesses. Firstly, they can assist clients who wish to establish a new business, expand an existing one or bring in skilled employees. In addition, they provide visa assistance for people looking to work temporarily or permanently in the US. Furthermore, the legal team can offer assistance to those looking to retire in the States. Finally, they are LGBT Immigration experts. They can inform LGBT community members of their immigration rights.

Attorney Caro Kinsella frequently travels to Ireland, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe to lecture at US Immigration events. She frequently makes television and radio interview appearances. Due to her expertise, she also consults with international clients, pertaining to US Immigration law.

We are delighted to announce that the Government of the Isle of Man will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo in Cork. The Isle of Man has a number of career opportunities available.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Northern Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. The capital is Douglas. Approximately 85,000 people live on the island.


The Isle of Man is a low-tax economy. There is no capital gains tax, wealth tax, stamp duty, or inheritance tax. In addition, the top rate of income tax of 20%. Furthermore, the corporate tax rate is 0% except for banking profits and rental income, which is set at 10%.

Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism are key sectors of the economy. In addition, the island is a popular film location. The Isle of Man also has become a centre for private space travel companies.


Isle of Man can trace its cultural roots to Celtic and Norse origins. Due to the island’s proximity to the UK, British influence has been dominant since the mid-18th century. However, there has also been an increased interest in the Manx language, history and musical traditions in recent years. Manx music has Celtic, Norse and other influences, including British and Irish influences. Rock, blues, jazz and pop are also popular on the island.

Food and agriculture

Seafood has traditionally been a large part of the Manx diet.  Local delicacies include Manx kippers and the Queen scallop, which is renowned for its sweet, light flavour.

Farming includes cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Manx lamb is highly regarded. The Loaghtan, an indigenous breed of Manx sheep, has a rich, dark meat.

UK supermarkets stock a variety of Manx cheeses. Okells Brewery is a commercial brewery. Established in 1850, Okells is the island's largest brewer.

Isle of Man TT

The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is a motorcycle event that takes place annually in May or June of each year. The TT has run since 1907. The race takes place over two weeks attracts visitors from around the world. The TT is “greatest motorcycle sporting events of the world.”

After a successful Jobs Expo Dublin, we are delighted to announce that BNY Mellon will also be recruiting for jobs at Jobs Expo Cork. If you work in finance, wealth management or investment, don't miss your chance to meet this top global investment firm.

BNY Mellon provides investment management, investment services as well as wealth management services. They help institutions and individuals succeed in markets all over the world. Founded in 1784, the company is one of the world’s ten largest investment managers. Their clients include banks, corporations, healthcare providers, insurance companies and investment firms, as well as sovereign institutions and the US Federal Government.

BNY Mellon's Services

First of all, BNY Mellon offers a comprehensive range of investment services. These enhance transparency, maximize liquidity and mitigate risks. In addition, they combine the scale of a full-service investment firm with the focused expertise of autonomous investment boutiques, each with its own style, strategy and management team. The company’s aim is to help clients make the most of their investments.

Furthermore their Markets division provides a range of services. These include foreign exchange, securities finance, collateral management and segregation, capital markets and prime brokerage services.

Offices in Dublin, Cork and Wexford

BNY Mellon's Irish operations are a major hub from which the company services its global clients. The company employs around 1,800 people between Cork, Wexford and Dublin. They deliver a broad range of services. These include traditional and alternative asset managers, as well as banks, pension funds, insurance companies and corporate clients. The Central Bank of Ireland regulates all of BNY Mellon’s Irish concerns.

Jobs Expo is very pleased to announce that Hourglass Education will be returning for jobs and exhibiting at our Cork event on 16 November.

Hourglass Education is a unique, specialist teacher recruitment agency. They recruit long-term, contract and permanent contract teachers for posts throughout England. Hourglass Education also works in partnership with a large number of schools, academies and academy trusts throughout England. Furthermore, they are under positive instructions to secure more teachers from Ireland.

The team at Hourglass Education have been recruiting and placing teachers from overseas for the last 16 years. As a result, they have an extremely successful track record in placing teachers in positions which match their needs.

The agency supports their teachers throughout the recruitment process. This ensures a match between teachers and an institution that relates to their experience. In addition, this means that teachers can actualise, develop and enhance their repertoire and skills. Hourglass also supports teachers throughout their transition period.

Hourglass Education services to teachers

Hourglass Education places teachers in positions that are full time for a minimum of one teaching year. Consequently, they do not place teachers for daily or short-term assignments.

Two former head teachers lead the agency. Together they have 34 years of educational recruitment experience.

After a successful Jobs Expo Dublin, we are delighted to announce that the HSE National Ambulance Service (NAS) are returning to Jobs Expo and exhibiting at our Cork event on 16 November.

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is the statutory pre-hospital emergency and intermediate care provider for the State. In the Dublin metropolitan area, ambulance services which are funded by the HSE are provided by the NAS and Dublin Fire Brigade.

What the NAS does

The NAS mission is to serve the needs of patients and the public as part of an integrated health system, through the provision of high quality, safe and patient-centred services. This care begins immediately at the time that the emergency call is received, continues through to the safe treatment, transportation and handover of the patient to the clinical team at the receiving hospital or ED.

The NAS responds to over 300,000 ambulance calls each year, employs over 1,600 staff across 100 locations and has a fleet of approximately 500 vehicles. In conjunction with its partners the NAS transports approximately 40,000 patients via an Intermediate Care Service, co-ordinates and dispatches more than 800 aero medical / air ambulance calls, completes 600 paediatric and neonatal transfers and supports Community First Responder Schemes.

Meet a variety of NAS personnel at Jobs Expo

Manning the stand will be frontline grades from the service along with representation from NAS HR Department, NAS Education and Competency Department and the National Emergency Operations Centre. The NAS will be able to provide you with an insight from the recruitment process right through to what it is like to work at the frontline of a National Emergency Service.

NAS at the Seminar Zone

The NAS Education and Competency Department and Management from the National Emergency Operations Centre will join together in the seminar area to give a presentation on the National Ambulance Service- one will get an overview of the service, information on the different grades, the general recruitment criteria of each grade, the courses and training provided by our College and an insight into the NEOC control room and the dynamic role of the Emergency Call Taker.

We are delighted to announce that PE Global will return to Jobs Expo Cork on 16 November 2016.

PE Global is a 100% Irish-owned resourcing company. They specialise in offering tailored recruitment solutions. PE Global works with both companies and organisations in domestic as well as international markets. Since 2005, they have provided customised recruitment services to projects of all sizes. They form successful long-term partnerships with clients. As a result, they can give them innovative and cost-effective solutions.

A company with a difference

PE Global understands the technologies and technical requirements of the industries that they work in. This is due to the quality and experience of their people.

This is because their recruitment consultants are committed to working to stringent guidelines. They are also focused on continual service enhancement.

Furthermore, they are an award winning recruitment agency. For a fourth consecutive year, they have won a Supplier Excellence Award from Kelly Services, Inc. This was due to PE Global’s performance as a leading recruitment agency.

Industries and sectors

PE Global’s clients include SMEs as well as multinational corporations. They work with leading international companies in the following sectors:

PE Global has offices in London, Dublin and Cork.

We are pleased to announce that the education database,, will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Cork. is Ireland’s leading online resource for part-time courses, evening classes and adult education. They are a national database of courses from hundreds of colleges and educational institutes across the country. As such, they are a valuable resource for both students and education providers, linking learners to courses, colleges and educational institutions.


If you want to take your career to the next level, change direction, improve your Leaving Cert results, learn a new skill or take up a hobby, is your first port of call. They offer Ireland’s biggest selection of courses, as well as information on colleges and educational institutes, expert guidance and advice.

Returning to education, whether for professional or personal reasons, does not necessarily mean you need to do a college degree. A number of different fields and disciplines offer degree, diploma and certificate options, and deciding between these can be tricky. You need to consider your goals and interests, the industry you work in, and your professional experience before deciding on a course. streamlines the search process. In addition, they work closely with education providers to make sure they offer up-to-date information on courses. Furthermore, they have close links to recruiters, employers and professionals in a variety of industries. As a result, they keep abreast of developments in Ireland’s ever-changing jobs market.

Colleges & Educational Institutes

As Ireland’s economy and jobs market evolves, interest in continuing education is growing. Around 6,000 people use every day to search for courses. As Ireland’s most popular course search database, helps education providers connect with students. They also offer a platform for institutions to showcase their courses, successes and benefits. Their vast database means that students have the latest and most complete information available.

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