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5,000 extra summer jobs expected in pub trade

Good news for people looking for summer jobs. The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland says that it expects an increase of 5,000 temporary pub positions this summer. The group claims that this unexpected summer jobs windfall is due to increased numbers of tourists expected over the warmer months as well as Ireland’s improving economy.

Irish pubs generate 12,000 additional seasonal jobs every summer. According to the VFI, 2,500 pubs – more than half of the group’s 4,000 members – are located in traditional tourist areas such as coastal areas and the Shannon region. Each summer pubs in tourist areas employ nearly five extra people on average throughout the busier summer months. This year, it is expected that these pubs will need an extra two workers on top of their usual summer staff, creating 5,000 more jobs and bringing the total number of summer jobs in the industry to 17,000.

Staycationers to help create summer jobs

International tourist figures are expected to rise over the coming months, particularly during July and August. It is also thought that an increased number of Irish people will opt for “staycations” this year because of Ireland’s participation in Euro 2016.

The VFI is holding their 43rd annual conference in Wexford town. The federation called on the government to reduce current levels of excise on alcoholic drinks, a move they claim will make Ireland more competitive.

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