Who we are

ALONE is a national organisation and a merger of 5 organisations that supports and empowers older people to age safely and securely, in their own homes. We support individuals and their families, work with other organisations, and campaign nationwide to improve the lives of older people. We work with all older people, including those who are lonely, isolated, frail or ill, homeless, living in poverty, or are facing other difficulties. We have 3 quality standards, are independently evaluated and produce metrics and impact reports.

What we do

ALONE provides an integrated system of Support Coordination, Practical Supports, Befriending, a variety of Phone Services, Social Prescribing, Housing with Support and Assistive Technology. We use individualised support plans, provide a point of contact for access to health, financial benefits and supports, social care, housing, transport and other arising needs using technology and other services and activities to improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. ALONE enables outcomes including improved quality of life, community activation, and implementation of national strategies.

How we do it

We are building the capacity of the community and our sector through computerisation, training, knowledge sharing and collaborative working. ALONE is developing key partnerships between statutory, community and voluntary services which will enhance services for older people across Ireland. We support other organisations to replicate proven models of service to create a sectoral infrastructure and to consolidate community services provision nationally.

In addition to ALONE’s 50 national partners, we provide training and support to 74 organisations across the country, we have computerised 12 organisations by providing frameworks and platforms.

This knowledge and connectivity network will be explored in innovative ways. We are open to working with others and developing innovative solutions that, not only make us more sustainable, but more importantly, enrich the life of the older person.
ALONE collaborates with other services to support them to align to demographics and needs across Ireland in turn future proofing services to fill gaps and reduce duplication.

Our Network

ALONE has developed a national infrastructure model which consists of a range of ALONE service hubs our model is scalable, transferable and replicable. Developed over 10 years and taking the learnings from OPRAH, DKIT Cúltaca and the Canterbury model. Each service area works to ensure that older people have access to all the necessary supports and services that they require to age well at home. We are currently ensuring a universal design approach so our services can be accessed by all older people.

We are focused on delivering services through a collective of healthcare providers, community services, local authorities, age friendly alliances, approved housing bodies, and social enterprises all working together, in turn avoiding duplication and streamlining services for older people. This is a proven model and we are building the capacity across the entire Country. Where we identify gaps in services we work to create targeted service delivery to those most in need through consolidation, partnership and developing services on the ground.

We are working with the HSE and Government Departments to support them in implementing national strategies and facilitate the delivery of integrated care. ALONE is currently actively working and taking referrals from all integrated care sites in hospitals and the community. We are presently aligning each of our Service Hubs with the 96 Community Healthcare Networks (CHNs) across Ireland. Our Sláintecare project is also focused on delivering integrated care through support coordination, technology and partnerships. These services are also being made available and will mirror the roll out of the new home care scheme.

Service Delivery

ALONE aims to increase our volunteer network to 9,000 equating to 864,000 hours of support which is projected to be worth €8,640,000 by 2024. ALONE’s telephone support calls, align to support plans which ensure early intervention in turn reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. This service also provides check in support after hospital discharge, medication prompts, hospital or GP appointment reminders, information about government initiatives and schemes being launched and the service provides information and updates from Healthy Ireland’s Health and Wellbeing Calendar.

We inform older people of local events and initiatives in their area. ALONE is facilitating a structured delivery of social prescribing to the older people who use our service, the delivery of 36,000 social activities, staff support and volunteer activation on practical tasks, including transport, shopping and physical activities. ALONE is currently working directly with GP’s and in hospitals to support the delivery of integrated care and facilitate Social Prescribing across the country.

Our Model in Action

ALONE are updating our Technology platform for the integration of the family, community & medical professionals in older people’s care. ALONE’s assistive technology allows medical professionals and families to remotely support health needs. Our technology has a focus on preventative interventions which has focus on key indicators such as frailty and resilience. We are using a range of technology and tech providers to equip our frontline staff. This preventative approach is supporting a reduction in unnecessary hospital admissions and facilitating hospital discharges.

All data we record is kept on our secure management information system which allows us to generate reports and identify trends and emerging needs. We know from our data that 29% of our callers to the National Support Line are between 75 – 90 years old. As we further develop our impacts and outcomes our tools can be shared with organisations that are aligned to our strategic goals in order to assist them in better demonstrating their efforts, produce national data and ensure common practices across Ireland. We aim to computerise 100 organisations. We are also developing a practical support app so we can coordinate supports being delivering.

ALONE has with others, developed a new model of housing that will allow people to continue living outside nursing homes. Housing with Support (HwS) schemes and homes are a new model of care provision underpinned by age appropriate housing design principles including own door living with onsite non-medical supports, to allow people to live with dignity and independence for as long as possible. HwS has 24 hour staffing on site. This model is a replicable and is adaptable to both urban and rural areas.

ALONE provides shared service models that can be utilised by local authorities and approved housing bodies. ALONE provides the tenants of these housing bodies with off-site support and assistive technology options.


ALONE is a multi-award winning organisation and was awarded the HSE Excellence in Healthcare Award in 2017. ALONE’s services are quality approved including the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and independently evaluated every year. ALONE’s infrastructure model demonstrates how the synergies between the statutory, community and voluntary groups have the capacity to meet the needs of all older people across Ireland.

ALONE’s hub model will provide 500,000 Support & Befriending visits, 450,000 Telephone Support Calls, 200,000 Units of Support by volunteers, 36,000 Social activities/Social Prescription Actions 5,000 older people supported through technology, 1,000 older people with live in support and 45,000 older people supported by 2025. We aim to build a network of Housing with Support and shared services all working by area. ALONE will continue to support delivery of initiatives such as Sláintecare through collaboration with ICPOP, homecare providers and government departments. Our services are rolling out in conjunction with the new home care scheme in Ireland.
To achieve this, we will need 160 plus staff & complete 9 mergers, have 42 local partners.

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