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Club Med

Club Med

We are nearly 25.000 G.O. and G.E. Worldwide, more than 100 different nationalities with 30 languages spoken.

Club Med represents also more than 500 jobs, within 70 Resorts in the most beautiful sites in the world and offices in more than 26 countries.

We are committed, with Fosun Tourism Group, to be the global leader in premium all-inclusive holidays Resorts for families and active couples with french savoir-faire.

Since 2002, Club Med has been managed by Henri Giscard d'Estaing, its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The identification of Club Med's 5 values is the result of a collective reflection carried out with all the G.O & G.E teams in 2005.

- KINDNESS : TAKE PLEASURE IN GIVING PLEASURE: Be attentive to the needs of those around us and take pleasure in pleasing and servicing others. Be kind at Club Med is our signature, it represents the "G" in G.O, G.E, G.M which marks our difference.

- MULTICULTURALITY: OFFER UP OUR DIFFERENCES & WELCOME THOSE OF OTHERS : We highlight the cultural contributions of Team members and Clients, which leads to personal growth and being better able to live together.

- RESPONSIBILITY: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR JOB TO ENSURE OUR MISSION: Do our job in a competent and conscientious manner, commit to and involve ourselves personally.

- FREEDOM : IMAGINE WHAT WE WANT, WANT WHAT WE IMAGINE: Be autonomous and allowing others to be autonomous in order for them to fully realize their aspirations while showing respect for themselves, others and the company.

- PIONEER : LOVE TO DARE, DARE TO CREATE: Lead the way, have a vision, have innovative ideas and implement them in order to respond to a Client need that is both essential and not yet satisfied.

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