Animation Supervisor - 2D Animation Series for Warner Bros at Lighthouse Studios

Category: Animation, Film/TV Production
Job Type: Full Time

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Key responsibilities:

Brief and liaise with the assigned animators on the production of their scenes, and ensure the Director’s wishes are carried out to the best ability of the animator

Answer questions and give the team notes on scenes to maximize their abilities and time available for scenes

Help each animator adhere to their assigned quotas

Ensure prompt delivery of the animation scenes to a high quality in a reasonable time agreed to in the schedule

Work under the supervision of the Animation Director and Production Manager

Deliver technically clearly named and well layered scenes to the compositing department following established protocols

Follow production deadlines for the delivery of animation stages

Assist the Animation Director in maintaining the look of the show

Lead departmental reviews as required

Assist Animation Director in approving scenes as needed

Work along the Build & Rig Supervisor on testing rigs and making sure they are suited for the animation team during the time of the production

Work with the Production Team on scene assignments and breakdowns of animation quotas as needed Report to the Production Manager and Line Producer as needed, informing them of any possible delays in the animation production

Review messages on messaging systems and emails during working hours

This list is not exhaustive and might be complemented by reasonable and related tasks that are requested of you.

Key requirements:

Advanced knowledge in Toonboom Harmony

Requires to have no less than 2-5 years’ experience in Animation for television or feature film and/or experience within a similar role

Strong understanding of traditional 2D animation principles

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work

Attention to details and problem-solving skills

Experience with Shotgun is considered a plus

Lighthouse Studios

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