Scene Prep Artist - 2D Animation at Lighthouse Studios

Category: Animation, Film/TV Production
Job Type: Full Time

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Key responsibilities:

Work very closely with the Animation Director, Animation Supervisor, Layout Supervisor and Compositing Supervisor on direction of each scene;

On occasion, you may need to work with the Layout & Design departments for clarification of staging;

You will be responsible for compositing the initial Toon Boom files for each scene from an episode to contain the most up to date scene animatic, layouts, characters and props for each scene as and when they become available from the layout and build teams;

Work to a schedule provided by your Supervisor/lead to manage your weekly scene count to keep the animation department fully prepped;

Other duties as may be required with the early compositing and scene prep;

Attend all meetings required by the production;

Address any problems with Production Manager and Line Producer;

Be available on messaging systems and by emails during working hours;

Must be willing to relocate to Kilkenny.

This list is not exhaustive and might be complemented by related tasks.

Key requirements:

At least 2+ years of experience as a Scene Prep Artist;

Expert knowledge in Toon boom Harmony is essential;

Be driven and able to work effectively on an independent basis;

Fluent in English;

Ability to communicate well in a fast-paced and creative environment;

Must be willing to relocate to Kilkenny.

Lighthouse Studios

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