Frank Hynes

Meet career coach, Frank Hynes, at Jobs Expo Dublin on 19th October at Croke Park

Frank Hynes is the founder and CEO of a business called JobChanger


Through JobChanger he helps people find work they truly love and are passionate about.


Frank works with people who want to change their current work situation. Clients include mums who have stayed at home to look after children and now want to return to work or start their own business but just don’t know where to start. Clients also include people currently in work but who are looking for something more inspiring and rewarding where they feel their contribution is truly valued.


Frank spent 28 years working in the public sector changing roles many times. He has vast training including a Master’s degree and a number of Graduate Diplomas including Leadership Development.


He spent several years figuring out what he wanted to do.  He now will show you how to figure this out for yourself literally in a matter of weeks by following a proven step by step process.


He is married to Teresa and has 4 children ranging from 17 to 25 years.


Check out the business website

Frank can be contacted by e-mail or by phone (087)2832761.

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