I grew up in Morocco and attended  French schools until I graduated high school.

I then went to college in Pittsburgh, PA (United States). After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, I went on to obtain a Masters degree in Counseling and a second one in School Administration.

I worked in Chicago for 14 years, as a Child Development Specialist, a rehab centre manager, and a bilingual (Spanish and English) preschool director. A project I built from scratch after the company I was working for, obtained a grant.

Since arriving in France in 2008, I have stayed in the field of education first as a teacher and then as a manager.

I joined CapEnglish in 2019 as the Teaching and Learning Manager, as well as Recruiter for my region.

With a true passion for languages and cultures, I have always been convinced that variety is the spice of life. Having lived in different countries, I have learned to adapt, embrace differences, and thrive in sharing ideas and experiences with teachers and colleagues.

I have a special appreciation and respect for teachers who everyday cultivate curiosity, talent, and self-esteem in their students.

It is therefore a privilege to be at their side, to listen and support CapEnglish teachers so that they can continue to give their very best.