Born and educated in South Africa, I spent my first working years developing a career in Sales and Marketing, following an education in Public Relations and Marketing.  This very quickly lead to a successful career in Recruitment Business Development with prestigious clients such as South African Airways, Mercedes Benz and more. Motivated by a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures, I moved to London, UK in 1999.  Here I continued to build on my recruitment portfolio venturing into alternative industries like Finance & Banking, Technology and Retail, whilst studying Business Administration.  To appease my creative nature I took on some acting roles and started to built a parallel career in entertainment.

After 5 yrs (and several films and presenting roles later) I returned to focus on a corporate career, this time at the BBC working and studying as a Business Analyst.  But the pull towards discovering new cultures again became too strong and finally I moved to France with my family in 2012.  It took some time to adjust, but not long after, I was dabbling in a new career – this time teaching. I obtained my TEFL and was excited to be offered a role at Notre Dame de Bon Secours in Perpignan where I was lecturing students on the BA (Hons) Global Marketing (Coventry University partnership) programme. At the same time a door at CapEnglish opened that would allow me to, once again, tap into my specialist recruitment skills.

After teaching with CapEnglish for a couple of years I took over the role as Regional then National Recruitment Manager.  In addition I was offered to also teach English and HR at Bon Secours to the Masters (MUO) students in partnership with College de Paris.  Today I continue to work as Recruitment Manager at CapEnglish with the prospect to soon lead their Language Assistant Programme.  I also host students during school holidays as English teacher (full immersion) and still enjoy working on the BA and Masters programmes at Bon Secours. For me the ability to share my specialist skills and life experiences with students, teachers and peers here in France continues to be a tremendous privilege.