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5 Skills You Need To Have On Your CV

5 Skills You Need To Have On Your CV
13 November 2020
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Unfortunately, it’s not easy to determine what a potential employer wants from you. This is particularly true when it comes to your CV. While you can add the base skills and adapt the CV to the job application, you will also need to prove you have them. You need to back yourself up and prove that you haven’t been embellishing the truth. 

Here are five skills that employers will look for in every single job applicant. 

  1. Commercial awareness

Regardless of what industry you’re applying to get in, hiring managers will value commercial awareness. What this means is that having an understanding of the likes of market trends as well as the company and its competitors is essential. 

Of course, work experience or study will help you to develop commercial awareness. However, part-time, taking on an internship or extra-curricular activities can also help you gain a better understanding of whatever industry you’re trying to move into. 

Even following the company on social media and reading up on it will help you become more familiar with the work they do. 

Whatever way you decide to brush up on these skills, be sure to demonstrate them. Try to give practical examples of times you have used them.

2. Teamwork

No matter what job you’re going for, at some point you’ll be expected to demonstrate your ability to work in a team. 

Skills regarding teamwork can be developed through a number of practices. Whether it’s from working a part-time job, taking up a hobby or simple from endeavours in school, teamwork can be a valuable skill to learn. 

Make sure to layout on your CV whatever example of teamwork you have. There are many different places you can place it. It can be in your skill section, hobbies, education or work experience. 

Survey the job description and try to use your examples accordingly. 

3. Communication

This is another skill that is valued regardless of what industry you plan to move into. It could be communicating with customers, clients or other team members. Whatever experience you have, communication is an essential part of working with others. 

The problem is that almost anyone who has ever worked has the same experience. Be sure to use examples of where you’ve developed your communicative skills, but try to narrow it down to specific examples. 

However, communication skills don’t have to just be verbal. Written communicative skills can also be extremely valuable to you as a candidate. Expressing yourself on paper or email is an important aspect of communication in the workplace. 

4. Organisation 

Organisational skills are essential to ensure the smooth running of many operations in the workplace. Demonstrating your ability to prioritise and manage your time will be favoured by your employer. 

Use real examples of this to show the hiring manager and your future employer that you are both self-motivated and proactive. Where possible, use your achievements to demonstrate this as well. 

Some industries will have a focus on a skill like this, such as media or graphic design, while others will just see it as an added bonus. Once again, use the job descriptions to shape your CV in regards to your skills. 

5. Specific skills

There is no doubt that whatever job you apply for, there will be a specific skill set required. 

Having the basic skills such as commercial awareness, teamwork, communication and organisation will stand to you and make you a better worker. However, you may need to have a particular set of skills to land the job. For example, a job in graphic design may require you to have skills in software such as Photoshop, while a job in coding may require you to have skills in coding. 

Make sure to be specific in your abilities in whatever field you plan to work in. The last thing you want is to sell yourself short or have the hiring manager overlook your CV as it is not specific.

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