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BCS Recruitment return to Croke Park's Cusack Suite with Jobs Expo

BCS Recruitment
24 April 2019
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BCS Recruitment are looking forward to a very busy year in 2019. The organisers of Jobs Expo Dublin, they will be exhibiting on 27th April at Croke Park's Cusack Suite. Make sure to speak with the BCS team about your career options, as their experts are presently recruiting for hundreds of roles in the Dublin area.

About BCS

BCS Recruitment are the sponsors and organisers of the Jobs Expo since 2012. They oversee the running of highly successful careers events in Cork, Dublin, and Galway twice a year. They are also the team behind Virtual Expos Ireland and have just taken over managing Biz Expo, which is taking place on 6th June.

“One of the major benefits of Jobs Expo is that it allows employees and employers to meet and discuss career opportunities in a relatively informal setting,” says Bronagh Cotter of BCS. “Attendees can meet a variety of employers, and employers can conduct several initial interviews with potential employees. Furthermore, for recruitment firms like BCS, Jobs Expo is  a chance to connect with candidates and companies.”

On the day, BCS Recruitment team can offer guidance to jobseekers on a variety of topics such as interview techniques and professional growth. Their jobseeker services are there to avail of for anybody on the lookout for employment.

“Many jobseekers are unsure how to sell themselves to employers. Even if they have all the necessary skills and experience, they can have trouble communicating that. Some candidates underestimate the importance of soft skills, and fail to highlight these,” she contends.

Successful Recruitment Benefits Companies and Candidates

"Successful recruitment should create a mutually beneficial relationship between candidates and companies," says Bronagh. “We aim to find the best fit for both employees and employers. Companies want more than just an employee with skills and experience. They want staff who fit into their company’s culture. It is much the same for jobseekers, particularly if they have in-demand skills. Of course, salary is a consideration, but it is not the only one. Depending on their circumstances, their priority could be the potential for promotion, the chance to upskill, travel opportunities or work-life balance,” she explains.

“Therefore, we match a candidate’s goals and expectations with the right company. It is our firm belief that it is not a job well done unless both the candidate and company benefit. We spend so much of our lives are at work. That means that finding the right fit is crucial.”

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