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Boston Scientific jobs: Find out more at Jobs Expo Galway

Boston Scientific jobs
2 February 2017
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Interested in Boston Scientific jobs? If you are working in the STEM sector, don't pass up the opportunity to meet with them at Jobs Expo Galway.

Boston Scientific transform lives through innovative medical solutions. John Abele and Pete Nicholas established the company in 1979. They wanted to benefit public health by bringing medical options to patients that were more accessible, lower cost and also less invasive. Boston Scientific has three locations in Ireland – Galway, Cork and Clonmel.


Established in 1994, the Galway site serves the company's cardiovascular group. They manufacture key product lines that include drug-eluting and biliary stents, as well as catheters. This is the largest BS facility in Ireland with more than 3,000 employees. It is also the largest manufacturing facility in the company's global plant network. They manufacture more than 3 million life-saving devices a year, shipped to all corners of the globe.


The Cork facility has more than 1,100 employees. This site manufactures products for a variety of Boston Scientific divisions. Production at Cork began in 1998. They now manufacture more than 5.6 million life saving devices per year. These are shipped all across the world.


Boston Scientific in Clonmel employs 850 people. This facility manufactures pacemakers, ICDs and defibrillators. They supply these devices to hospitals and health clinics in almost 100 countries.

Boston Scientific has an impressive portfolio of 13,000 products. As a result, BS is at the forefront of the medical device industry – leading, evolving and transforming it with innovative solutions.  They employ around 23,000 people across the world, and they are an equal opportunity employer.


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