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Canada's Armour Transportation Systems to exhibit at Jobs Expo Dublin

13 October 2017
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We are proud to announce that Armour Transportation Systems will be coming over from Canada to exhibit at Jobs Expo Dublin.

History of Armour Transportation Systems

Gordon Armour founded Armour Transportation Systems back in the 1940s. He set up shop from scratch in the small community of Taylor Village in New Brunswick. In those days, Armour transported hay out of the village, using his own truck. The service continued into the 1950s and then evolved from hay to food, commodities and Christmas trees.

The business transported these goods to Nova Scotia as well as the United States. The service eventually became a business in 1955. Gordon Armour called it GM Armour & Son LtdArmour gained a reputation for his hard work and honesty, as the company was always went the extra length to please their customers.

The same mentality continues today as his son Wesley keeps on trucking with Armour Transportation Systems. The organisation has become one of Canada's prime transportation and trucking experts. They have also extended their presence from little Taylor Village to the rest of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Careers at Armour

Armour Transportation Systems aspires to support their employees on the job and at home. Their extensive benefits programme aims to draw in new talented and professional workers. Health and well-being is not taken lightly by the company, who accommodate an excellent Wellness Program. This enables employees to achieve a healthy-living lifestyle. The company has nearly 2,000 employees in Atlantic Canada. Furthermore, Armour Transportation Systems has been recognised by the THRSC Atlantic as an Employer of Choice. This designates employers who are dedicated to responding to the needs of their employees as well as focusing on what really matters within the workplace.


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