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Cerenovus, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, joins Jobs Expo Galway

Cerenovus careers
20 February 2018
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We are pleased to announce that CERENOVUS have come aboard the Jobs Expo Galway. They will be exhibiting, as well as recruiting, at the Galmont Hotel & Spa on Saturday 24th February.

Meet the new face of neurovascular care within Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. The Codman Neurovascular business, including the recent acquisitions of Pulsar Vascular Inc., and Neuravi Limited, are now known as CERENOVUS. The new name derives from the Latin words for ‘new’ and ‘brain’.

CERENOVUS has a bold vision to change the trajectory of stroke. Their promise to customers is to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in stroke care, so that stroke is no longer a life sentence for patients.

The Neuravi Thromboembolic Initiative (nTI) strives to develop new insights into occlusive stroke clots through interdisciplinary and collaborative research.

Their commitment to understanding the challenge may help doctors advance stroke therapy with better device and procedural solutions.

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