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Chasing Dreams & Beginning Again

chasing dreams
16 April 2020
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Jobs Expo Dublin will be hosting a diverse line-up of talks and seminars from professional trainers, employers and career coaches. Career Coach, Thomas McCormack, will be giving his talk, Chasing Dreams & Beginning Again, on our Agenda Stage.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, many people in Ireland have been made redundant. This virus has changed all our lives in an unprecedented fashion. It's very easy to get into a rut and focus on the negative. We see it on our screens and hear on our airwaves each and every day.

However, this time has also allowed us time to reflects, take a step back from the rat race and gain new perspective on life. We are given a chance to realise what is really important to us. It's true that many have lost their jobs, but this for many can also lead to new opportunities that they might've not taken otherwise.

It's tough to begin again. We are out of our comfort zone and forced to re-think our career path. You might come to terms with the fact that you wanted to leave your job, but were too afraid to take the first step. For some there might even be a dream job that they haven't yet woven into reality. Sometimes you just need that extra push.

For those are seeking a new career opportunity, Jobs Expo will be returning to Croke Park on 17th October. We've a variety of employers looking to recruit on the day and career coaches and speakers offering advice throughout the day. Register today for FREE ADMISSION and we'll see you this autumn.


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