Chat with JobChanger CEO, Frank Hynes, at Jobs Expo Galway’s Career Clinic

In addition to the diverse range of employers exhibiting at Jobs Expo Galway, there will be a great line-up of Career Coaches and speakers throughout the day. Frank Hynes will be offering career guidance at the Career Clinic from 10am until 4pm. Furthermore, he will be giving his seminar, Returning to Work or Changing Careers: The key skills and qualities employers are looking for, at 10:30am on the Agenda Stage. Chat with Frank at Leisureland Events Centre on Saturday, 23rd April. Get FREE ADMISSION to Jobs Expo by registering today right here.

About Frank

Frank Hynes is the founder and CEO of a business called JobChanger

Through JobChanger Frank helps people find work they truly love and are passionate about. The first step is figuring out what you want from your career, would love to do and will be good at. The next step is to get that job or set up in self-employment.

Frank works with people from all career areas who want to change their current work situation.  Clients include people currently in work but who are looking for something more inspiring and rewarding where they feel their contribution is truly valued.

Frank spent 28 years working in the public sector changing roles many times. He is highly trained in numerous areas including a Master’s degree and a number of Graduate Diplomas including Leadership Development.

He spent several years figuring out what he wanted to do.  He now will show you how to figure this out for yourself literally in a matter of weeks by following a proven step by step process.

Frank also set up a business called “Fresh Pastures” helping farmers and their families cope with the challenges they face and creating space to live fulfilled lives.

He is married to Teresa and has 4 children.

Check out the business website

Frank can be contacted by e-mail or by phone (087)2832761.



  • Manish Rana Reply

    I am looking to move to Ireland. I am IT professional having 15 years of exp.

  • Isaiah PEKKE Reply

    Re:Alliance/Strategic Development Model -Partnership In staff recruitment

    Time to think ahead to perhaps 2022 & years to come. After all, has sky-high ambitions and should also achieve them. But how will you do that with today’s staff rampant shortages, knowledge, rules and limitations! We understand that today’s challenges require a different approach. We are a UK Registered company currently ln the process of being registered in lreland.

    Croydon Central Car Carers Ltd’s mission is to establish, develop and maintain cooperation between businesses in the IRELAND / European countries with business counterparts worldwide. The sky is the limit.

    And we are happy to be your ambassadors

    That is why we are happy to express our interest in setting up an alliance in recruiting , training Critical Skills Occupations

    And supply of staff in the Fields of your interest:- Qualified staff in all medical and care fields such as l, nurses and physicians both on a temporary and permanent basis both within the Ireland and from Abroad. Personeel in Logistix industry, and that of technology.

    We would be grateful to be given an opportunity to explore the venture

    As a long term Loyal Agreement

    To complement this proposition, We would like to ideally pick on a model that is already proven by you. We would both benefit from your management and operational structure,ideologies, identity and initiatives.

    More than ever, the labor market requires looking ahead, We have identified as such; is a virgin source with very high standard of English exemplary work ethics to meet the IRELANDs’ expectations at moderate cost and very lucrative area to venture.

    “Modern slavery is not something that happens ‘over there’ that we don’t have to think about. We care about people hence; talk & walk the talk making a positive difference.”

    Vision Statement

    To train & develop to the Agreed standard, a data base of professionals with a focus on bridging the shortage on staffing levels in the Field -services and proving employment and better livelihood to families and individuals in the global market while achieving the staffing levels in the Fields of care, Logistix industry, and the fields of technology.

    We look forward to discussing this proposal with yourselves at your earliest convenience.

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    Isaiah Matsalya PEKKE






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