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Cork Jobs Survey: almost half of employees looking to change jobs

Cork Jobs Survey
13 November 2018
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Employers might have to up their game when it comes to recruiting and keeping talented staff, according to recent figures compiled by our Jobs Expo team. The comprehensive survey, carried out amongst registered attendees to the November 17th Jobs Expo Cork, has revealed that 45% of responders are employed, but unhappy and looking to change roles; meanwhile, 37% are considering moving from Cork, with a further 23% open to relocating in the future.

The national unemployment rate has presently dropped to 5.3%, a reflection of the recent economic upswing. To examine shifting employment trends, this jobs survey went out to the thousands of jobseekers registered to attend the Cork Jobs Expo. The questionnaire covered a range of issues and concerns relating to employment and professional experience. Of the respondents recorded, 61% were originally from Cork, with 19% from elsewhere in Ireland. In addition, 18% were from the EU and 2% from outside the EU.

A Highly-Skilled Workforce

According to the compiled data, this contingent of jobseekers is both highly-skilled and professionally accomplished. Of those questioned, an impressive 55% have more than 5 years’ experience working in their given field. When it comes to training, 23% report some 3rd level education, 40% graduated with a degree, and 23% have a postgraduate level qualification. Those coming from science and engineering backgrounds make up the highest number of attendees, with almost one-fifth working in related industries. IT and tech account for 14% while the rest span a host of industries, including retail, hospitality, medicine, finance, trades, education, HR and administration.

Of those actively looking for jobs, almost one-half are presently working and looking to change roles; 26% are unemployed and seeking work in Ireland or abroad; and 3% are recent graduates. Other groups in search of employment include freelancers looking for casual work, homemakers returning to the workforce, and people either going through the redundancy process or moving home after living abroad. The vast majority of respondents are selective when it comes to applying for positions too; in the past year, 53% have only applied for up to 5 jobs, while 21% applied for 10 positions or less. With regards upskilling, these jobseekers certainly aren’t complacent; only 11% said they wouldn’t undergo further education. In fact, 58% committed to continuing their education in the next year, with 42% of those intending to take on independent study in their own time.

Issues in the Workplace

A disproportionally high number, 57% of responders, have reported negative experiences at work. The most common complaint submitted by staff was ‘unreasonable demands or expectations’, which was experienced by 66%. 44% were passed over for promotion without explanation. Workplace bullying from managers affected 44%, followed closely by bullying from colleagues at 40%. Other factors included sexual harassment (10%) and theft (7%). The vast majority of incidents were not reported to HR and of those that were, 77% of responders felt they weren’t resolved to their satisfaction.

When it comes to location, the Pale is not a popular choice. Only 2% of those questioned for this survey said they would like to work in Dublin; 64% of jobseekers are primarily looking for a job in Cork, while just under 30% are happy to work elsewhere in Ireland. Meanwhile, many respondents have expanded their searches further afield; one-fifth have already applied for jobs abroad. When it comes to sending out those CVs, the UK (41%) and mainland Europe (31%) are the most popular options, followed closely by Canada (22%), the US (19%, the Middle East (16%), Australia (12%), then New Zealand (9%).

Positive Trends

When factoring in career goals, money isn’t the only motivator. Yes, 36% of jobseekers name salary as the most important aspect when deciding on a job, but 18% rate proximity to home, 13% are looking for a good working environment, 12% value the opportunity for career advancement, 11% look at a company’s reputation, and other factors considered include flexi-time or telecommuting options, non-financial perks, or the likes of pensions or health insurance. This is reflective of the positive outlook in employment trends generally. 56% of responders felt they were offered a fair salary in their last job, and a hefty 48% claim it’s easier to find jobs (in contrast to the 35% who cited no improvement). Meanwhile, 43% said conditions for employees in Ireland were getting better, with only 35% reporting no change.

Jobs Expo Cork 2018

The Jobs Expo returns to Cork City on Saturday 17th November in Páirc Uí Chaoimh and runs from 10am to 4pm. This popular event will be home to leading employers from Ireland and abroad; there’s a packed schedule of seminars on the Agenda Stage as well as the Google Digital Garage. The Career Clinic is ideal for anyone looking for one-on-one professional advice or CV tips. Companies recruiting on the day include Zevas, mytaxi, Eli Lilly, PE Global, Laya Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Capita Customer Solutions, Quest Software, Crystal Valley Tech, SE2, Routematch, Threefold Systems, Kelly Services, Bausch & Lomb, SOLAS, Victoria English School, Marriott International and many, many more.

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