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Discover great career opportunities at Avaya

Discover great career opportunities at Avaya
8 January 2024
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We're happy to have Avaya return to exhibit at Jobs Expo Galway. The West's biggest careers fair will take place at the Galmont Hotel & Spa next month. Register for FREE ADMISSION today and chat with their recruitment team on February 24th.

Meet Avaya at Jobs Expo Galway

Get to know Avaya, where they encourage everyone to be their unique self. See how their individual ideas and actions come together to support not just their company, but the larger society we all live in.

Their corporate values drive the way they work.

Their Corporate Values are a core set of beliefs or ideals that define who they are individually and as a company. They determine the choices they make. They are an internal code that defines how they experience and interpret the world and thus how they serve their customers.


They consistently seek out alternative approaches to addressing opportunities and challenge the status quo to create value.


They have clarity, purpose, and the ability to focus on the right priorities. They continuously strive to remove unnecessary complexity to create user-friendly solutions and better experiences.


They are open, honest, transparent, and collaborative, balancing the need for results with being considerate of others and their feelings.


They take ownership of behavior, decisions, and performance. They make well-thought-out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons.


Avaya always treat people with courtesy, politeness, kindness, and fairness. They continuously strive to create a diverse environment where every individual or group is included, respected, supported, and valued to engage and lead.

Employee health, safety & wellness.

The health and safety of their workforce is a top priority and through their programs and practices, they seek to maintain a culture in which employees and contractors keep each other safe on the job. In accordance with best practice, Avaya maintains an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System to manage the risks associated with their activities. This year truly demonstrated the importance of not only protecting their employees’ physical safety but caring for their mental health and well-being.

Investing in people.

“At Avaya, we take the phrase ‘people first’ very seriously. We share a mindset here to create an environment where we feel valued, productive, and have the opportunity to learn and grow. As a team, we’re all about thriving, both inside and outside the workplace.”
—Anna-Marie Crowley, Chief Human Resources Officer

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