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Bord na Móna

bord na mona

We are an Irish, semi-state climate solutions company helping lead Ireland towards a climate-neutral future.

Our solutions cover renewable energy, recycling, waste management, carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation.

Acting for now and for the future - Bord na Móna provides employment for approximately 1500 people and manages a land holding of over 80,000 hectares. We measure our work on this landbank over long-term timescales. Our ambition is to create the right conditions to store carbon and protect biodiversity, while helping to deliver ongoing sustainable energy security for Ireland.

We need engineers, scientists, researchers, IT professionals, technicians and more.

We hire exceptional people and empower them to think independently, take initiative and contribute to our shared vision.

Ambitious plans for change - We want to help create a future we can all look forward to. So we’re hiring the forward-looking people who can help make our vision a reality. We offer the security of an iconic Irish company along with the exciting possibilities of an organisation that lives and breathes change. To those who think independently, who take initiative, who embrace innovation, we say this: join us.

Let's create a brighter future together.

Join us at Bord na Móna, and help Ireland be carbon neutral by 2050.


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