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FIT: Fast Track to IT to take part in Jobs Expo Cork this November

FIT: Fast Track to IT
24 October 2017
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Regarded as one of the most effective employability initiatives in Europe, FIT: Fast Track to IT, provides ICT training that helps unemployed people return to the workforce. You can find out about their training programmes at Jobs Expo Cork this November.

FIT is an industry-led initiative. They transform the lives of marginalised jobseekers and disadvantaged communities through innovative ICT training courses. The initiative works in close collaboration with a number of bodies, including:

  • Educational Training Boards (ETBs, formerly VEC)
  • Third-Level Institutions
  • Leargas
  • National Training Agencies
  • Community Organisations
  • Leader Companies
  • Rapid Coordinators
  • Local Authorities
  • Employment Pacts

Helping disadvantaged people and communities

FIT supports anyone at risk of, or already experiencing, long-term unemployment. Furthermore, they work with early school leavers from disadvantaged communities. Consequently, their programmes support marginalised jobseekers and disadvantaged communities.

Firstly, they do this through offering innovative ICT training courses as a gateway to employment. They also develop and promotes technology-based programmes for jobseekers who have become detached from the labour market.

All industry sectors use technology. Therefore FIT's initiatives ensures that all jobseekers have the skills they need to compete for job opportunities.

Successfully assisting jobseekers

Established in 1999, FIT is a registered charity as well as a not-for-profit organisation. Since then, they have expanded substantially and now operate across the Republic of Ireland. In addition, they run programmes in Northern Ireland under the banner FIT-NI.

Over 16,000 job seekers have completed their skills development programmes and more than 12,500 progressed into employment.


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