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High Speed Fibre-Optic Cabel To Connect Ireland & USA

1 May 2015
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A new ultra quick fibre-optic network is to be installed between Co. Mayo and New York.
The work is set to begin in the coming months, The Irish Times reports that the project is estimated to cost €300 million.
This will be the first time a high speed cable will link the West Coast of Ireland to America and there are plans to extend the network to Europe.
AEConnect, the underwater cable will span over 5,000 km and will treble the connection speed of the current network.
The infrastructure upgrade is a great boost for Ireland and will no doubt benefit the multitude of tech companies already based in Ireland.
The company behind the move, Aqua Comms, is a "provider of scalable, subsea capacity-based network solutions."
Greg Varisco, Aqua Comms' Chief Operating Officer says their "strategy is to build and operate a diversified, solution-based network, providing term and peak capacity product offerings and working in partnership with its contractors, equipment suppliers, backhaul network providers and customers to support the US's and Europe's expanding data requirements of today and for tomorrow, ultimately offering 'infrastructure-as-a-service'."
"AEConnect is currently being constructed using state-of-the-art technology, with 100G-coherent design for low latency, reliable delivery for even the most bandwidth-hungry applications and direct data centre to data centre connectivity across the Atlantic."

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