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How To: Decide What Jobs To Search For

How To: Decide What Jobs To Search For
23 November 2020
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It’s hard to figure out what direction to go in when it comes to working. Trying to decide what job you look for can be incredibly hard and indeed, disheartening. The more you know about jobs that interest you, the more likely you are to land one that will fulfil your desire to work. Start by asking yourself a few questions that are key to help you decide where you want to go with your career. 

The first question is to actually determine if it is a job or a career that you are looking for. Ask yourself are you looking for a promotion and opportunities for career advancement, do you enjoy your current job but just need a different environment, do you feel like you need a new challenge and are you looking for a job that will simply pay the bills or have you a detailed career plan? 

The next thing to establish is what you actually enjoy doing. Working at something you love is important because you will feel more motivated and encouraged to work. Decide what your best skills are and how they tie into your interests.

 Whether you will be able to start working straight away from these skills or if you need to take up a course in the field, establishing them are crucial in finding the right job for you. 

Next, you need to decide what type of work commitment you’re looking to take up. For those looking for opportunities to advance your career, permanent jobs may suit you best. Temporary jobs can help you easily transition back to work or help you widen your experiences. Like temping, contracting can offer increased flexibility and the opportunity to develop new skills.

Internships offer practical experience usually over a period of 8-12 weeks. Apprenticeships allow you to learn a craft or trade through hands-on experience. Graduate schemes are for those who have just finished a college degree. Volunteering allows you to learn new skills and experiences that will benefit you going forward. 

After you’ve decided on what kind of job you’re looking for, you need to decide where it is you want to work. It’s important to consider commute time in terms of how long you will be spending getting to and from work each day. It could be an idea to consider relocation and if it’s a viable option. 

Decide next who you want to work for. Establish what type of organisation appeals to you and what you want and don’t from an employer. Consider if you would like to work for a small company or a well-known one. Establish if you would like to have training opportunities. Finally, consider the company’s culture and if it’s the right fit for you. 

Although it can be hard to land a job with the exact salary you want, it’s good to have some kind of idea of what jobs are within your range. You may have to accept a job that’s slightly below your desired salary. However, do not sell yourself short either. You may have the opportunity to negotiate your salary when the time comes that you’ve been offered the job.

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