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Job Source To Exhibit At Jobs Expo Cork, 2015

9 November 2015
Est. Reading: 3 minutes

Jobsource is a unique way of Job Searching that will help your Job Application stand out from the crowd and get found. This is done by way of a 60 second “Intro” Pitch.

Jobsource has been rebranded from Introview as an expansion and refresh to the concept, which Introview is now a range of products under the Jobsource name For Recruiters, Jobsource helps to find candidates faster without being swamped with CVs and advertising positions.

Recruiters actually search for candidates themselves from our powerful search functionality. Recruiters have stressed that they would love to see potential candidate on video to see what candidates are like during interview. This shows Recruiters the 4 most important elements of interview: Personality, Speech, Body Language and Confidence

Not disregarding traditional paper CVs but Job Seekers simply add their own video clip or Slideshow presentation “Intro” pitch attached as an option. Using their Job Seeker profile as a 1 page “Online CV” exactly like a traditional CV but using the online platform, which is more searchable with use of unique URL search whereby Job Seekers can forward their profile to Recruiters by email or other websites for Recruiters to view. Recruiters search for Jobseekers following our search functionality

This creates a closer connectivity and network for both Jobseekers and Recruiters. Our IntroLive feature -Video interviews are an extremely powerful tool because they increase hiring speed, interview quality and help the environment while dramatically reducing travel cost, fuel consumption and most of all without even having to move from their seat.

Our Schedule feature - Automated “Introview” Screening.

Recruiters ask 5 key questions. Candidates who submit to the Schedule answer those 5 questions, each question to be answered on each (up to 3 minute) video pitch, the recruiter then reviews all submissions of candidates on the Schedules

This benefits both parties, the Job Seeker and the Recruiter/Company.

Jobsource also screens the jobs applications and forwards to the Recruiter the profile match to the job description based on professional competencies.

Jobsource is determined to make a change in the Employment world for the better
With Jobsource, it is the Recruiter that searches for that perfect candidate for interview or even job offer.
The Recruiter would be the one to contact the Job Seeker should they be interested in them.

Job searching and Recruiting are both very daunting tasks and Jobsource is here to change that, for an extremely low cost ( a fraction of the costs paid by Recruiters – Business Owners, HR Company Reps, Recruitment Agencies etc)

Jobsource will be posting Jobs News on the the website “News Feed” which notifies Job Seekers of positions available and also email Job Seekers of positions available that matches their profile competencies.

Jobsource offers everything for recruiting needs for both Recruiters/Companies and Jobseekers.

1 The Problem: Job Seekers facing stiff competition, not getting noticed. Recruiters not able to search and select candidates online, also paying way over the odds for recruiting, research shows that 50% of recruiting efforts are deemed a failure…..

2 The Solution: Job Seekers will have their own “Online CV” profile with their 6-60sec “Intro Pitch” attached (either by video pitch, slide presentation, Prezi promo) complete with their Elevator Pitch Bio, option to attach their own website(creative approach) a chance to be noticed by Employers/HR Execs/Recruiters, their own unique URL search link, a chance to network live on the site with Recruiters, Live Advice Centre Channels avail also, a chance to a Live Screen Interview with Recruiters should they receive an “invitation” to video

Interview – one of our “Introview” products

Recruiters can search for candidate on our platform and select from different sector categories, actually SEE the candidates on camera, view their creative approach to their job searching (presentation, Prezi Promo, candidates own website etc), a chance to take advantage of “inviting” potential candidates to a Live Video Interview or use this advantage as a “Pre stage Interview” to help with selecting candidate a little better. Also network with other Recruiter’s, and Job Seekers. Post on our News Wall, post job adverts free.

Job Source will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Cork, 2015 on November 19th at the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, Cork.


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