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Jobs Expo 2013 – What we learned…

25 October 2013
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So now that our Jobs Expo events in Dublin and Cork have already taken place, what have we learned?

For one thing, we learned that the demand for jobs is as great as ever: 13,000 of you turned up to speak to employers, examine opportunities and avail all the services we had that could to help improve your job and career prospects. Seeing your levels of motivation, resilience and willingness to adapt is what makes putting on Jobs Expo worth it; and it’s what makes us want to keep on improving the event too. We’d also plenty of media coverage for the event (see our Media section for more), which shows that the issue of employment is very much a national conversation, as well it should be.

Another thing we learned was that things are slowly changing for the better. According to a recent OECD report, Ireland’s economic outlook is starting to look up. This may not be evident everywhere on the ground level yet, but we certainly noticed changes as more Irish companies came on board, which meant that there were more domestic jobs on offer. Our ethos has always been to get people working – whether that be abroad or at home – and the more things improve here, the more Irish opportunities we’ll have for you!

We’re optimistic about 2014 (surely that’s the way we should be!), and are hoping to bring you more of everything in our next series of Jobs Expo events in the spring of next year.

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