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What is it like to work for MathWorks? Lindsay Barry answers our questions

work for MathWorks
1 February 2017
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MathWorks will be exhibiting and recruiting at Jobs Expo Galway. We wanted to know what it's like to work for MathWorks and what they look for in their staff. Lindsay Barry of MathWorks answered our questions.

Can you tell us what MathWorks in Galway does?

MathWorks flagship products are MATLAB and Simulink. These are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, and industrial automation industries as fundamental tools for research and development. They are also used for modeling and simulation in increasingly technical fields like financial services and computational biology. In addition, more than 5000 colleges and universities around the world use MATLAB and Simulink for teaching and research in a broad range of technical disciplines. As a result, the company employs more than 3,500 people around the world.

The new centre in Galway will support the company’s EMEA markets across a range of customer-facing roles. That will include sales and services support, inside sales, channel development and support, finance and administration.

Other than skills, what are the qualities you look for when hiring new team members?

At MathWorks, our goal is to change the world by accelerating the pace of discovery, innovation, development, and learning in engineering and science. To accomplish that goal, all staff members bring a curiosity, drive and energy. Our culture revolves around friendly, smart people who respect and invest in each other. The environment is 100% collaborative with each person bringing a unique background and perspective to the job, but everyone shares a set of core values. These values help create a vibrant and rational workplace that nurtures growth as individuals and as an organization.

What makes MathWorks a great place to work?

Every member of the MathWorks team contributes to delivering the software that shapes the things we all rely on in our daily lives. That's no exaggeration. Look behind your cell phone, your car, the plane you fly on, the newest medical technologies that could save and change lives, and the scientific advances that inspire and amaze us, and you'll find MATLAB and Simulink. Our customers are advancing the world's knowledge of engineering and science. And we help them do it.

MathWorks products have been used in all kinds of exciting projects. Is there one you are particularly proud of, or find fascinating?

MATLAB and Simulink enable customers to do amazing things. It’s impossible to select just one example so here are range of exciting projects we’ve contributed to.

Is there anything else you’d like potential recruits to know?

Training is not only strongly encouraged at MathWorks, it is a key part of our company's purpose and our core values. We encourage every staff member to foster his or her own personal and professional development. This not only teaches specific skills but also expands our horizons, provides new perspectives, and brings new ideas into the organization. Training benefits both you and MathWorks by helping with your career growth and increasing the value that you bring to your business area and the entire company.

We think MathWorks is a great place to work. But it's not all about work. You'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy yourself and your coworkers, celebrate successes, and give back to your community.








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