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Looking for like-minded people in your industry? Meet IE Network at Jobs Expo Dublin

IE Network Jobs Expo Dublin
13 March 2018
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Jobs Expo is pleased to announce that IE Network will be returning to exhibit at Jobs Expo Dublin on Saturday 28th April at Croke Park.

Innovation Enterprise Network or IE Network is a Dublin-based initiative of the Dublin Regional Authority. The organisation has been assisting highly skilled and/or professional unemployed people since 2010.

What IE Network Does

IE Network has focuses on three purposes. Primarily, it facilitates professional and social networking between unemployed highly skilled workers and/or professionals.

Additionally, they assist members in finding employment either through setting up a business, or by improving their job-seeking skills, such as interview techniques, presentation and CV writing.

Lastly, the Network provides public services with customised professional training and events aimed at the intrinsic needs of their members.

Professional and Peer Support

IE Network offers a platform for mutual support professionally and personally. Members can count on emotional, psychological, and moral support. Participants can engage to whatever extent they feel comfortable, and share knowledge, experiences and advice.

The company also provide professional peer group support. Members can obtain information relevant to their professional needs within one structured online source. This includes information on starting a business or getting their career path back on track.

Furthermore, they secure existing state and local services available to unemployed highly skilled and/or professional people. Their overall objective is to identify routes back to employment for their members.

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