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Meet sponsors of this May's Virtual Recruitment Expo, Irish Medtech Skillnet

Irish Medtech Skillnet
29 April 2021
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Irish Medtech Skillnet will sponsor Virtual Recruitment Expo. Furthermore, their team will be exhibiting between 10am and 4pm at their booth on Thursday, 13th May. Don't forget to sign-up today to get FREE ACCESS to all exhibitors, webinars and workshops.

About Irish Medtech Skillnet

Irish Medtech Skillnet is a learning network for companies of all sizes in the medical technology and engineering sector. Member companies work collaboratively to share best practice and to respond effectively to the specific skills needs of the sector. The network addresses both technical and non-technical skills needs of members. The objective of this national network is to enhance Ireland’s position as an emerging global medical technology hub by developing a strong talent base and enhancing the specialised knowledge and skills that exist within the sector.

Irish Medtech Skillnet works in partnership with Skillnet Ireland and our contracting organisation, the Irish Medtech Association (Ibec sector), the Irish Medtech Skillnet has over the past number of years grown substantially in direct response to the training needs of Industry.

The Irish Medtech Skillnet provides the following supports to Network Member Companies:
• Assist businesses to identify and address current and future skills needs
• Information regarding successful approaches to learning and talent development
• Guidance on achieving value for money when investing in learning and development
• Strategic programmes that enhance business innovation and sectoral competitiveness
• Flexible training and education programmes customised to the needs of the sector
• Innovative new programme design and development
• Leadership programmes for business owners and executives
• Certified and non-certified technical training
• Training relating to communication, problem-solving and other core skills
• Advice on gauging the effectiveness of training
• Access to a network of businesses within the sector
• Conferences, seminars, and other informal learning and networking events

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