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Nikon are looking for engineers for 2020. Meet their recruitment team at Jobs Expo Galway

Nikon jobs Ireland
17 December 2019
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Nikon will be returning to Jobs Expo in 2020. Their recruitment team will be exhibiting at our first event of the year, Jobs Expo Galway, in the Galmont Hotel & Spa on 22nd February. Register for free admission and talk to them about the career opportunities they have to offer experienced engineers.

About Nikon

Since its foundation as a manufacturer of optical instruments in 1917, their cameras have been a synonym for high quality and reliability. But since 1988, and the foundation of Nikon Precision Europe (NPE), they have been at the cutting edge of the latest developments in semiconductor manufacturing.


With over half a century of experience in the field of optics behind them, and a reputation for high quality and reliability, Nikon Precision Europe simply integrated Nikon’s optical glass and lens production capabilities with precision fabrication and measurement technology and created the stepper/scanner. Today this tool is driving the global manufacturing of semiconductors.


They're a growing and dynamic company who pride themselves on their multi-national and multi- cultural staff.

At Nikon Precision Europe every day is different and rewarding and we can offer a wealth of career opportunities.


They are looking for graduates in:

  •  Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Optical technology


But more than this, they are looking for problem solvers and team players who thrive on solving challenges.

They hire and invest in energetic, innovative individuals who bring value to clients. For Nikon Precision Europe, attracting and retaining top talent is viewed as vital for the company’s growth and integrity. Nikon understand that the best people give the best service, and they have a strong reward scheme and internal promotion program which recognizes outstanding achievement and encourages and develops our people.

Why work for Nikon?

With a team of more than 220 bright and flexible people, they are driven by energy and passion and can offer long-term prospects to their engineers.

In addition to its European network, Nikon Precision Europe (NPE) works closely with its sister companies, Nikon Precision Inc. (USA) and Nikon Precision Korea Ltd., and with Nikon Corporation Precision Equipment Company in Tokyo, Japan. The company language is English.

Joining NPE means being a part of: e A leading-edge high-tech industry © The latest developments in semiconductor manufacturing

With competitive compensation and domestic and international travel opportunities,they can also offer a wide range of other benefits including medical, dental, and life insurance packages.

They strive for technical innovation and reward superior performance as well as encouraging knowledge increase, transfer and sharing to its full extent.

Why do their people enjoy working for Nikon Precision Europe?

Everyone who joins the team is impressed and surprised by the spirit of fairness, trust and openness. Each new colleague is treated as an equal and competent member of the team from their very first day.

They have transparent standards of work performance and ethical conduct on a worldwide basis with a structured programme of cross-global learning and thinking: whether you work at headquarters in Langen, Germany, or in one of the regional offices throughout Europe — you will find out that Nikon cooperate internationally and share the same culture and values at Nikon Precision Europe, Nikon Precision Inc. (USA), Nikon Precision Korea Ltd., or at Nikon Corporation Precision Equipment Company in Tokyo, Japan.


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