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Eager to further your education? SOLAS joins Jobs Expo Galway.

5 February 2018
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If you are contemplating pursuing a course or training in further education, SOLAS can help. Meet them at this February's Jobs Expo Galway hosted by the Galmont Hotel & Spa (formerly the Radisson Blu).

The primary objective for SOLAS is to create an outstanding, coherent Further Education and Training (FET) industry in Ireland that simultaneously satisfies the needs of learners and the economy.

FET courses, delivered by Education and Training Boards, are managed, coordinated and supported by SOLAS. The organisation also promote further education training courses that are pertinent to learner and national needs. SOLAS also assist with the development of an innovative,dynamic and demand-led lifelong learning sector to secure the economic and social well-being of Ireland.

SOLAS manages several initiatives, including:

  • The National Apprenticeship system
  • The MOMENTUM programme
  • EGF
  • eCollege
  • Safepass
  • The Construction Skills Certification Scheme


Leading change in further education and training

There is a vast assortment of further education options in Ireland. As a result, SOLAS’ face an uphill battle. Firstly, they must ensure that every course teaches students new skills or nourishes their personal development. Secondly, they are responsive to the needs of business, which must have access to skilled employees. Lastly, they must consider the needs of society and operate from the belief that all citizens deserve parity of esteem and equal opportunity. They recognise that all citizens can develop their skills with opportunity and support.

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