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Responsible for all engineering activities involved in the introduction,  transfer,   manufacturing product lifecycle Engineering and Atlas IM R&D  of  Laboratory Diagnostics products at Swords (Hematology, Immunology and Clinical Chemistry).

To lead the Swords Engineering Organisation (R&D, Manufacturing Engineering, Product Lifecycle Engineering, Software Engineering, Engineering Services) to develop and produce solutions to customer requirements in the design, validation, manufacture and maintenance of products for a global market.

Organisation Size

55 associates

 Education / Qualifications

Siemens Production Systems Expert

Leadership Development Course

Machine Design & Error Budgeting, MIT

BEng Hons Manufacturing Systems Engineering  – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 

Mechanical Engineering Diploma. Institute of Technology Tallaght 

Mechanical Engineering Certificate. Institute of Technology Tallaght 


Head of Engineering 2017 

Head of Manufacturing Engineering / Principal Engineer, Siemens 2010 to 2017

Senior Engineer, Siemens 2009 - 2010

Head of R&D Hardware & Automation Engineering, Xsil Ltd  2005 - 2009

Senior Systems Design Engineer Xsil Ltd 2000 - 2005

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Machine Vision Technology Ltd. 1997 - 2000

OEM Design Engineer, Adapt Engineering Ltd. 1995 1997



Hurling Mentor and Coach, Hill Walking, Machinery Restoration

Galadrielle Heinrich is a Woman in Tech, Leader in Global Sales Development at ServiceNow Ireland, and Professional & Executive Coach. For more than a decade, Galadrielle has navigated the world of Tech and joined the biggest Tech companies in the world.

Throughout her career, Galadrielle has a proven track record in championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to foster a more representative and supportive work environment. In 2023, she was nominated for the Diversity in Tech Awards in the category Tech Leader. Born in Sete, France, Galadrielle now lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Galadrielle will be offering 1:1 consultations at Jobs Expo and giving a seminar about her book, How to Get a Job in Tech as a Non-Techie, at 3pm on the Agenda Stage. Learn more about her book through these LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


John is a passionate Business Coach with a particular interest in Communications Skills Training, Personal Development and Sales Skills. As a business coach and strategist, he helps executives and professionals to make breakthroughs that take them to the next level. In addition to that, John has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur owning and running a business.

His expertise lies in his communications skills and his passion for helping others to get from where they are to where they want to be. His work experience in Sales and Business Development in multinational and national sales organisations and entrepreneurship have given him the breadth of knowledge needed to pursue his passion for coaching executives and professionals.

Joel Dupont has led teams and multimillion projects for more than 15 years in blue chip organizations in Europe and Australia. He is a Senior Project Manager at Guidewire. Having worked with multiple and diverse teams, he has learned what makes teams and businesses high performing and exceptional. He believes the soul of a business is its culture. That is the one thing that will make or break a business long term and it all starts and ends at the door of the organization, it all starts and ends with the hiring process.

Joel can be reached at

Stephen Byrne, BA (Hons) Psychology, Pg Dip Adult Guidance & counselling, delivering career advice and exploring career research with CareersPortal. In Change Guidance, Stephen supports peoples readiness, willingness, and ability to change as a Career Adviser. Providing one-to-one online coaching to those looking to develop in career and approach their change with confidence. Change can be in belief, attitude, skills, approach or situation.

Across the 33 sectors in Ireland's labour market, jobs, job seeking requirements are in ongoing development and change. Your values during your career will change. Your proximity to readiness will change. Approaching change and developing readiness to change in your career journey, are key skills to continue to grow toward your goals. These goals may require pathways in education, training, and employment.

Stephen has over 15 years’ experience in supporting change.  He is passionate about helping people to find the right career path and supporting growth towards being ready to change. Stephen is also professionally trained in guiding people in the technical aspects of career development such as; Job searching strategies, CV development, interview techniques and goal setting.

Stephen uses a change development & life skills approach.  This takes the positive focus of building on the persons existing strengths, skills, intelligence, knowledge and experience and how these can be used as a step for further development.

Stephen helps encourage people to reflect their beliefs and attitudes to develop a positive mindset to possibilities available and consider potential changes.  Stephen then supports people in a meaningful, practical process to start moving step by step towards achieving their life goals.

Carol Gaffney, co-founder of Gaffney Studio, is a brand strategist who empowers clients to shine through strategic brand positioning. A master of blending strategy with creativity, her unique method combines analysis, creativity, and psychology to uncover and amplify each brand's essence. Carol stands as a key figure for professionals seeking to carve out a distinct presence in competitive markets.

In her talk, Brand Your Way to the Top: The Power of Personal Branding on Your Career Ladder, Carol will explore the transformative power of personal branding for executives. She will share insights on developing a brand identity that commands attention, earns respect, and establishes leaders as authorities in their fields. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies to enhance their professional image and make a lasting impression in their industries.

Through her engaging and informative style, Carol empowers her audience to take control of their personal narrative, Cultivating meaningful relationships within their professional and personal networks. Her talk is essential for anyone looking to make a significant impact in their career through the power of strategic branding.

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