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Survey Reveals Dublin's Employment Landscape

Survey Reveals Dublin's Employment Landscape
16 April 2024
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A recent survey conducted by Jobs Expo sheds light on the employment landscape in Dublin and offers valuable insights into the aspirations, challenges, and concerns of job seekers in Ireland’s capital city.

Jobs Expo runs Ireland’s leading jobs and recruitment fairs putting skilled professionals directly in contact with leading employers from Ireland and abroad.

The Jobs Expo Spring 2024 survey gathered responses from a diverse range of individuals, including recent graduates and postgraduates, experienced employed professionals from a diverse range of sectors, and those actively seeking employment,


Employment Opportunities

The results revealed that a significant 63% of respondents harbour apprehensions about their future employment opportunities. This statistic highlights the prevailing uncertainty that many individuals face as they contemplate their career trajectories.


Prioritizing Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Another of the key findings from the survey underscores the growing importance of work-life balance and flexible working arrangements. 57% of respondents indicated that they are "very likely" to accept a job offering remote or flexible working conditions, while an additional 18% deemed it "likely." Employees have grown accustomed to remote work and value the ability to strike a better balance between their professional and personal lives.


Salaries and Career Growth Opportunities

While work-life balance is a significant consideration, traditional factors such as salary and career growth opportunities continue to be a vital factor among job seekers in Dublin. 33% of those surveyed revealed that salary remains the top priority, closely followed by the opportunity for career advancement (25%) and a good working environment (18%).


Changing Sectors

A substantial 50% of respondents have considered changing sectors, reflecting a significant trend in the workforce, where professionals are increasingly proactive and ready to explore new horizons and embrace career evolution.


Negative Workplace Experiences and Mental Health Concerns

The survey highlighted concerning trends related to negative workplace experiences and their impact on mental health. Over 20% of respondents reported instances of bullying from colleagues and managers, while 7% experienced sexual harassment. Furthermore, 32% cited unreasonable demands or expectations, and 17% felt they were passed over for promotions without explanation. Worryingly, 59% of respondents said that they did not raise the issue with HR or management and 68% stated that the situation was not resolved to their satisfaction.

The survey also revealed a disconnect between employers and employees when it comes to mental health support. While 54% of respondents reported that their mental health had suffered due to work-related pressures, 64% felt unsupported by their employers in addressing these issues. These findings highlight the need for organizations to prioritize employee well-being, foster supportive work cultures, and implement comprehensive mental health support programmes.

Concerns About Housing, Economic Stability, and Cost of Living

Beyond workplace experiences, the survey also raises broader concerns among job seekers in Dublin. The housing crisis emerged as the top concern, with 36% of those people polled referring to it as their top concern. This was closely followed by concerns about the escalating cost of living crisis (30%) and fears of a potential recession (18%).


Government Support

 The survey revealed that a significant portion of respondents believed more can be done at Government level to support those in the workplace. 48% believe that The Government needs to do more to support work/life balance, while 42% believe that more needs to be done to support job creation in rural areas and 48% think that more needs to be done about transport for those commuting to work.

These findings reflect the ongoing challenges faced by residents in Dublin, where housing affordability and economic stability remain pressing issues. 48% of those who completed the survey said that they would consider moving to an area where costs are lower even though they might not want to move.


Jobs Expo

When asked about the Jobs Expo itself, participants identified "meeting employers face to face " as the most beneficial aspect of attending the careers fair. Networking opportunities emerged as another key benefit of the Jobs Expo, equipping attendees with the opportunities, tools, resources, and confidence needed to navigate their career paths successfully.

The Spring 2024 survey by Jobs Expo has provided a comprehensive snapshot of the job seeker's experience in Dublin, underscoring the evolving priorities, challenges, and concerns that shape the current employment landscape.

The next Jobs Expo careers fair will take place at Croke Park in Dublin this Saturday, 20th April, 2024. Get your FREE TICKET here!

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