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Talk to TEFL Institute of Ireland at Jobs Expo Galway

TEFL Institute of Ireland
12 September 2019
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Would you like to teach English worldwide? Gain vast experience in teaching and management skills by taking a course with the TEFL Institute if Ireland. Meet their team on 21st September in the the Wilson Lynch Building at the Galway Racecourse. Grab your tickets today!


About TEFL


The TEFL Institute of Ireland is a TEFL course provider and recruitment company. The Institute specialises in training students to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. They were the first TEFL provider that has launched Government-regulated Online Level 5 TEFL Courses! They give you a higher qualification in a TEFL world and more job opportunities.

The Institute is looking for students, graduates, professionals that are keen on travelling and getting further added to their CV.


They have in-country partners around the world to help them get the best experience for their TEFL teachers.

Furthermore, they pride themselves in creating the best and safest environment for teachers to work abroad and follow their dreams.


As Brexit is fast approaching, they feel there’ll be a huge market for Irish teachers in EU countries.

The company primarily educates Irish aspiring teachers and places them in fantastic schools around the world.

Below you will find some of the key programmes that they offer for TEFL teachers:

  • Cambodia 12 week internship programme.
  • Thailand 5 month internship programme.
  • Spain Homestay program, with Spanish Family 8 month program for the school year.
  • Spain Experienced – 9 months placement with independent living, BA degree required & previous experience with children.
  • Italy 9 month internship programme – for the school year.
  • China Shanghai 4.5 month internship programme.
  • China Nationwide 5 Month Internship programme.
  • Vietnam 4.5 month internship programme.
  • Myanmar (Burma) – 5 months programme.
  • Inner Mongolia– 6 or 12 months placements.


In addition, TEFL  aren’t only focusing on internships but also have a very busy job centre and students can apply for 12 months + work contracts worldwide. They have a recruitment team ready to help all TEFL students/ teachers.

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