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The LESN join Jobs Expo Galway

LESN Galway
6 January 2020
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We're very excited to have the Local Employment Service Network return to exhibit at Jobs Expo. Searching for employment, training or education in the Galway area? Talk to their team about your options on 22nd February at the Galmont Hotel & Spa.


About the Local Employment Service Network

The Local Employment Service has been offering a wide range of support to job seekers and employers for over 20 years. They carry out their work under the auspices of the Galway City Partnership.  The majority of the people who use the service are referred by the funder, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Apart from working with official referrals from the Department, they have the capacity to offer services to a wide variety of people who are considering going or getting back to work. They can offer this service to you whether your family is older now or you are still looking for work even though your social welfare payment has run out.  In fact the service is open to people who are in receipt of a variety of social welfare payments and none!

LESN can help you decide what is available to you, whether it be: employment; training or education. Or if you want help in creating an effective CV then we would love to meet you.

The LESN staff are highly trained and experienced in career guidance methods. In addition, they have specific qualifications in the provision of intensive employment guidance to long- term unemployed individuals. At its core, the service has a client-centred approach that recognises the wide range of barriers that may block an individual from accessing employment.


 A Q Mark service

Furthermore, LESN are a recognised quality service. LESN Coordinator, Elaine Harvey, notes the importance of the Q Mark standard to the service:

“Local Employment Services throughout the country have maintained a Q Mark standard for over 12 years, which demonstrates the high quality of standards and excellence in each service and the dedication to ensuring that our people who use our service are provided with a professional specialised service.”

Elaine continues

 “We are immensely proud of our continuing success in achieving higher Q mark scores each year , it is a huge boost to our team who always keep the person at the heart of their work and strive to continually improve and adapt to the people who use our service’ needs.”


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