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Thinking of taking a course? The renowned Trinity College Dublin join Jobs Expo Dublin

Trinity College Dublin
29 March 2018
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We are proud to have Trinity College Dublin exhibit at the upcoming Jobs Expo Dublin. If you're considering enrolling at Trinity, you can meet the on April 28th at Croke Park.

A brief history

Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1592. Its foundation came at a time when many universities were being established across western Europe. The consensus was that they would give prestige to the state in which they were located and that their graduates, clergy for the most part, would perform a vital service as civil administrators.
The idea of a university college for Ireland emerged at a time when the English state was strengthening its control over the kingdom. Furthermore, Dublin was beginning to function as a capital city. It was believed that the establishment of a university was essential in bringing Ireland into the mainstream of European learning.
Fast-forward almost half a millennium and the original belief becomes prophecy. Trinity College Dublin is world renowned and recognised for academic excellence. The campus remains an educational and cultural hub, smack right in the centre of Dublin city.

Study at Trinity

TCD offer courses in Arts and Humanities, Business, Law, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences. There's a grand selection of on campus undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition, the university provides Online Education and CPD programmes. This allows students attend Trinity College Dublin virtually.
Trinity offers world class education at Ireland’s leading University. Here you can work at the highest academic level with some of the most influential people in your field. International partnerships enable students to travel. Experience other cultures and to gain a unique educational perspective.

Enhance your career opportunities

Today’s graduates need to be adaptable, flexible and innovative in the contemporary work climate.
Trinity instils in its graduates a confidence and capability. This helps them build a career that may span fields and industries, or address industrial and societal challenges which may not yet exist.
Additionally, Trinity encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. They follow this by providing incubation programmes for student-led companies. And are now acknowledged as Europe’s leading university two years in a row for producing venture backed entrepreneurs.


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