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Top International Translation Company Lionbridge are recruiting at Jobs Expo

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1 October 2018
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Would you like a career in translation? Since their founding in 1996, Lionbridge has been passionate about spreading messages to the world with humanity, energy, and fidelity. Speak with their team in person in Croke Park’s Hogan Suite on 13th October.

About Lionbridge

Lionbridge is focused on building a global brand and engaging consumers around the world. But messages that resonate in one market often won’t ring true in others. Creating integrated messaging across all your customer touchpoints, while managing a raft of new digital mediums, is stressing your marketing operations. They will help you overcome these barriers and deliver compelling, localized content without sacrificing quality, consistency, or efficiency

Lionbridge is one of the top translations and language technology companies in the world we work across all industries and countries

Lionbridge partners with brands to break barriers and build bridges all over the world. For more than 20 years, they have helped companies connect with global customers by delivering marketing, testing and globalization services in more than 300 languages. Through their world-class platform, they orchestrate a network of 500,000 passionate experts in 5,000-plus cities, who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. Relentless in our love for linguistics, they use the best of human and machine intelligence to forge understanding that resonates with their customers’ customers. Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge maintains solution centres in 27 countries with Ireland being its EMEA HQ.

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