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Western Development Commission to exhibit at Jobs Expo Galway

Western Development Commission
25 January 2017
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The Western Development Commission (WDC) will be exhibiting at our first Jobs Expo Galway in February. The WDC is a statutory body that promotes social and economic development in the Western Region (Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway and Clare) by:

  • Ensuring that government policy improves the social as well as economic situation in the region
  • Developing projects in tourism, industry, marine, renewable energy, technology and organic agri-food, and so on
  • Operating the €32 million Western Investment Fund (WIF) to provide loans and equity to business and local communities in the West

A unique role

The WDC plays a unique role in the Western Region:

  • They are the only agency with the remit to develop as well as facilitate proactively strategies at the regional level
  • In addition, the WDC is the only agency commissioned by government to put proposals to them on policy changes appropriate to the West
  • They are the only agency with approval to invest in local businesses as we do with the Western Investment Fund (WIF), which is only available to projects within the Western Region

The WDC is small, flexible and regionally focused. The organisation can collaborate with the public, private and voluntary sectors as well as find ways around organisational boundaries. The organisation’s strong ethos of sharing intellectual and other resources help achieve common good within the West.

An essential role

The WDC:

  • Plays a key role in regional development – through strategic initiatives in various sectors such as agriculture and tourism
  • Advises government on policies affecting the region using comprehensive economic and social research
  • Ensures that government policy improves the social and economic situation in the Western Region
  • Represents and ensures the interests of the West are considered at the highest levels of government
  • Manages the Western Investment Fund (WIF)
  • Develops projects on a regional basis in sectors such as tourism, industry, marine, renewable energy, technology and organic agri-food
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