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What Kind Of Job Seeker Are You?

What Kind Of Job Seeker Are You?
20 November 2020
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Hiring managers receive a large number of CVs for every vacancy they advertise. For this reason, job seekers can often end up being categorised. It could be based on experience, ambitions or how they try to land a job. We’ve listed the seven most common job seeker types below. 

The Spammer

This job seeker will send the same CV to every single job listing they find that seems even slightly suitable for them. Due to the high volume of jobs they apply for, it’s likely they will get a call for an interview or two. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that they will secure the job they want due to their indiscriminate approach. Disappointment is highly likely to follow. 

If you find that you are this kind of job seeker, remember that employers want to feel that their position is the only one you really want. An indiscriminate approach will not show them this. It also won’t show them that you are the best person for the job. 

Take time to tailor your CV for each job and stop the spam!

The Undercover Agent

It can be easy for this job seeker to feel embarrassed by using their achievements to promote them as a candidate. However, this does not help their application as their skills can often be so well hidden that the employer does not see them. 

Admittedly, you will not come across as a person who is full of themselves. Unfortunately, it will not stand to you if the employer has to survey your application to understand it.

Remember to value yourself and your abilities as an employee in your CV. This will show the employer that you are confident and know your worth as well as make it easy for them to understand the CV. Don’t be afraid to highlight your skills and achievements. Be proud of them!

The Job Hopper

Job Hopper’s CV is filled with work experience, which is great. However, the jobs are often random and have no correlation to each other. Unfortunately, having so many different jobs in different fields and not a lot of time spent in each job won’t reflect well on you as a candidate for a job. 

Before applying to more jobs, it’s a good idea to really think about what job you want. Be sure to find something you think you’ll stick at and that greatly interests you. There are many ways to secure your dream job. Why not go for it? 

In the meantime, try to reorganise your CV to focus on skills rather than experience. You can also use your cover letter to explain why you are a Job Hopper. You may have a perfectly acceptable reason why you are, so don’t be afraid to say it. 


This job seeker is always too good to be true. Making it out that you have done everything needed for the job and have all of the necessary qualifications and credentials to go along with it will have the adverse reaction you think it will. 

There are no positives to becoming a Pinocchio job seeker and it can have serious consequences. Should you be found out to be lying, (which you more than likely will), you will have fraudulent misrepresentation on your record. 

Instead of the lies, be honest with your application. Use your legit achievements, skills and work experiences to show who you are as a person. In the end, you’ll only feel like a fool trying to pretend you’re something you are not. 

The Newbie

This isn’t necessarily a bad reflection on you as a candidate. It just means that you have recently left school and have little or no work history in the field you’re applying for. Aside from your youth and energy, there is not much to indicate how you will perform as an employee. An employer takes a chance by taking your CV up. 

Use your application to list any and everything you can. It’s better to have much and be able to edit it down than to have too little. Keep it professional and tell them what you will add to the company.

The Shape Shifter

Instead of upgrading a role in their current job, this job seeker looks to move into a different role or industry. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to do. Hiring managers will admire your dedication and passion, but your lack of experience will not stand to you. 

There will be plenty of candidates applying for the same role who have years of experience in the field. Use your CV to explain why you’re interested in moving into this field and how your skills will help you to transition smoothly. 

The Emmental

Finally, this job seeker has many gaps in their CV. Some are by choice while others are a necessity. While these gaps aren’t ideal to employers as they could show you are unreliable, it will show them that this role really appeals to you as a candidate.  

Make sure to have good explanations to the holes in your experience and even list them in your CV. You can also use your cover letter to expand on them if needed. Focus on the skills you’ve learned both during your time working and your career breaks.

Which job seeker are you? Let us know down in the comments!

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