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International opportunities at Jobs Expo's Go Global zone

Go Global
18 August 2017
Est. Reading: 1 minute

Do you want your career to go global? Our Jobs Expo Go Global zone will showcase a range of international job opportunities as well as information on visas and immigration.

Two of our most popular exhibitors will head the Go Global zone up – the Government of the Isle of Man and US Immigration Attorney Caro Kinsella. Go Global will also include a number of recruitment agencies looking to fill international vacancies in a variety of industries.

Why work internationally?

There are plenty of great reasons to get international work experience. Let’s have a brief look at these

Career Opportunities

Working overseas gives you the chance to gain valuable experience, as well as develop and enhance your skills.

Experience Different Cultures

Working outside of Ireland is an opportunity to live and work in a different culture. You will immerse yourself in a new culture and become a part of the community. This means you will gain a greater and deeper understanding of it than you would through visiting for a few weeks.

Work with a Diverse Team

Irish workplaces have become increasingly diverse. In addition, Irish companies and multinational employers work across the world. That means that your experience working with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures will be valuable if, and when, you come home.

Learn a New Language

If you have ever considered learning a new language, working overseas is the best way to do it. You will be in an environment where plenty of opportunities to perfect your vocabulary, grammar, accent, and even your slang.



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