The world’s your oyster. Emigration is an intrinsic part of the modern work culture.

Emigration to the United States, Canada, Australia and many more countries are currently desired as new opportunities for may Irish citizens looking for work. Travel broadens your horizons, literally and mentally, and conveys the vast opportunities available to us in today’s ever shrinking world.


Find out about life in Newfoundland and Labrador at Jobs Expo Cork

Fancy a new life in Canada? Newfoundland and Labrador’s Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Cork. The event takes place on Saturday 25th November at UCC’s Devere Hall, Aras na Mac Leinn. Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province of Canada. It has two main landmasses: the island of Newfoundland […]

Prince Edward Island

Meet the Government of Prince Edward Island at Jobs Expo Dublin

We are proud to announce that the Government of Prince Edward Island will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Dublin. You will be able to find out about jobs and opportunities on PEI. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province. It is on the east coast and is regarded as an area of natural beauty. Prince Edward […]

Nova Scotia

Government of Nova Scotia to recruit at Jobs Expo Dublin

We are happy to announce that the Government of Nova Scotia will attending Jobs Expo Dublin. They will be recruiting on behalf of companies in the province. Overview Nova Scotia is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada and home to nearly 1 million people. Set on Canada’s east coast, Nova Scotia has over 3,800 […]

New Brunswick

Government of New Brunswick, Canada joins Jobs Expo Dublin

We are proud to announce that the Government of New Brunswick will be taking part in Jobs Expo Dublin. The Government will be recruiting on behalf of companies and industries in this region of Canada. Location and Geography New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces. On the map, you’ll find it under […]

Canadian Government

O Canada! Canadian Government and companies exhibiting at Jobs Expo

We are delighted to announce that the Canadian Government and a number of Canadian companies will be recruiting at Jobs Expo Dublin. There are a number of reasons Irish people are keen on working in Canada. These include the chance to gain international experience, to live in a truly multicultural society, the breathtaking scenery and […]

Bulk Carriers

Work in Canada: Bulk Carriers recruiting at Jobs Expo Dublin

Calling all long-haul truck drivers! Canadian company Bulk Carriers is exhibiting as well as recruiting at Jobs Expo Dublin on Saturday 21st October at Croke Park. Want to know the best part? The company’s home is the absolutely gorgeous Prince Edward Island. Bulk Carriers careers Bulk Carriers are looking for dynamic individuals who enjoy long […]

Australian jobs

Looking for Australian jobs? CMV Truck & Bus joins Jobs Expo Dublin

Looking for Australian jobs? We are proud to announce that Australian company, CMV Truck & Bus, will be exhibiting as well as recruiting at Jobs Expo Dublin. Our Dublin event takes place on Saturday 21st October at Croke Park. About CMV Truck & Bus CMV Truck & Bus has five dealerships located in Victoria. They […]


Considering living and working in Canada? Read on…

Considering living and working in Canada or North America? Jobs Expo will have a major announcement over the next few days. Watch this space…. In the meantime, there’s great news – recent changes mean it is now easier and quicker to get Canadian citizenship. Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, made the announcement on 4th October. […]

Go Global

International opportunities at Jobs Expo’s Go Global zone

Do you want your career to go global? Our Jobs Expo Go Global zone will showcase a range of international job opportunities as well as information on visas and immigration. Two of our most popular exhibitors will head the Go Global zone up – the Government of the Isle of Man and US Immigration Attorney […]

New Zealand

Teaching in New Zealand. We have the low down…

New Zealand teacher recruitment agency Education Personnel will be joining us at Jobs Expo Dublin. If you’re a teacher, you may be wondering what opportunities are available, how tricky it would be to move and, perhaps most importantly, what living in New Zealand is like. We spoke to Education Personnel’s Clinton Meneses to find out more. […]

Canadian Government

Government of Canada announce overhaul of Temporary Foreign Workers Program

On Friday last (June 20), the government of Canada announced that there would be significant changes and restructuring of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP). Changes There will be notable changes to temporary foreign workers’ work application procedures. For one, the TFWP will only include streams in need of government approval of jobs offered by […]

Emigrant Support Progamme – applications close on February 19

Organisations working with Irish emigrants can now apply for financial assistance via the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme (ESP), which has a resource pool of approximately €11.5 million for the year. Applications for the fund will close on February 19. ESP overview According to the Department of Foreign Affairs: ‘The programme provides financial […]


Working in Canada: Share what you know about it

Canada has proven to be one of the most popular locations for Irish emigrants over the past number of years. With some of the world’s most rugged natural beauty, bustling metropolitan city centres and – perhaps most crucially – a thriving jobs market, the country’s allure to those thinking about a move abroad looks set […]


Thoughts from Down Under: Living and working in Australia

Australia is one of the destinations of choice for many of those leaving Irish shores to find work. But how do those who have made the move feel about their adopted home? This Irish Times piece takes a look at Irish emigrants’ experiences and attitudes towards life in Australia. ‘Every six minutes somebody leaves Ireland […]