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Irish Emigrant Construction Workers Urged to "Come Home and Build a Home”

Irish Emigrant Construction Workers Urged to "Come Home and Build a Home"
16 February 2024
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The government is launching an ambitious plan to encourage Irish construction workers living abroad to return home and contribute to the construction industry. Higher Education Minister Simon Harris has allocated €750,000 to kickstart a campaign aimed at boosting the number of men and women working in construction across the nation.

Construct vital new infrastructure and communities

Minister Harris emphasizes the urgent need for an additional 50,000 tradespeople and professionals across all construction disciplines over the next decade to meet soaring housing demand. "There are a number of Irish workers with exceptional talents working outside of Ireland, and we need them here helping us construct vital new infrastructure and communities," the minister stated.

Come home and help build a home

Central to the strategy is an outreach program targeting Irish construction emigrants in hubs like London, New York, and Sydney. The campaign will utilize advertising channels tailored for professionals and tradespeople overseas, inviting them to reconnect over the opportunities and benefits of re-establishing roots at home. Harris spoke about asking Irish workers who live abroad to "come home and help build a home."

Incentives for a move back to Ireland

To maximize appeal, the Higher Education Department will directly engage the expatriate construction community - asking what workplace improvements, lifestyle supports, or policy adjustments could create compelling incentives for a move back to Ireland. While financial bonuses are currently not being offered, the government hopes to unlock other levers to encourage workers to return.

Construction Jobs Expo

We at Construction Jobs Expo fully support that initiative and believe that bringing skilled countrymen and women back could prove transformative. That's why Construction Jobs Expo enthusiastically welcomes emigrants considering their return at our upcoming Construction Jobs Expo in May.

Construction Jobs Expo takes place at the RDS on 18th May, 2024 and gathers Ireland's top construction employers, training bodies, and policy leaders. Global professionals returning from abroad can rekindle industry connections, interview for premier roles with flexible ramp-up timelines, and access exclusive repatriation advice sessions all under one roof.

With quality construction talent in such high demand domestically, this  government initiative signals major momentum ahead for rapidly accelerating hiring across Ireland's building and infrastructure sectors.

Register here for FREE ADMISSION to the Construction Jobs Expo today and meet your next employer. Together, let's build a better Ireland.

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