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Teaching in New Zealand. We have the low down...

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14 October 2016
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New Zealand teacher recruitment agency Education Personnel will be joining us at Jobs Expo Dublin. If you're a teacher, you may be wondering what opportunities are available, how tricky it would be to move and, perhaps most importantly, what living in New Zealand is like.

We spoke to Education Personnel's Clinton Meneses to find out more.

What kinds of teachers are you looking for?

In New Zealand’s current education market there is high demand for teachers. Mathematics, technology, engineering, business studies, physics, chemistry, English and modern foreign language teachers who teach to senior level in secondary schools are highly sought after in New Zealand.

Roles for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers are also in high demand in New Zealand. If you are Catholic, this also creates job opportunities.

Demand is highest in the North Island and particularly in Auckland and Wellington. In addition, secondary shortage subjects are in high demand throughout the country. Demand for teachers in all sectors is growing and building across New Zealand.

What subjects are most in demand?

Secondary STEM subjects are in highest demand, and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are in demand in Secondary Schools.

Do you recruit newly qualified teachers?

A Working Holiday Visa permits you to find employment as a casual relief supply teacher. In New Zealand that's known as a supply teacher. This can be a good starting point for a primary NQT. Term 2 and 3 is the busiest time for this type of work. Relief teaching and contracting provides a great entry point for teachers recently arrived in New Zealand, especially those on working holiday visas. You still need to have an NZQA assessment and gain NZ teacher registration with the Education Council.

What support do you offer to teachers looking to work in New Zealand?

There is a specific process you need to go through. This involves a New Zealand qualifications assessment, New Zealand teacher registration, salary assessment and work visa. Since Education Personnel have supported hundreds of teachers through this process, we can advise you on the best way to go, and ensure you are well prepared to begin your teaching career in New Zealand.

How long does the process take?

On average the process takes about 3 to 5 months.

Where in New Zealand are the schools you are recruiting for?

Education Personnel recruits for secondary schools throughout New Zealand. That means from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. Certain regions have higher demand than others. This will dictate the number of roles advertised in this region. Some smaller and more desirable places to live have fewer vacancies as with any country in the world.

Auckland vs Wellington – what are the key points of each?

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest urban centre. It has a population of 1.4 million people, and it is home to almost a third of New Zealand’s population.

As the biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland has the most schools and some of the largest. Teaching in Auckland, you’ll be a part of a wider vibrant and supportive teaching community with numerous opportunities to grow and develop professionally. In addition, as it is near the top of the country, Auckland has what is considered a subtropical climate.

Wellington in New Zealand’s capital city. It has a population close to 500,000 people. Wellington has more sunshine hours than either Dublin or London and less rainfall than Auckland. Immigrants should feel at home – around a quarter of the people in Wellington were born overseas. It has a rich cultural scene, which makes it as exciting place to teach and live for singles and families. Schools in Wellington are diverse. Each school has a unique character based on its local community and ethnic makeup.

What, in your opinion, are the three major reasons teachers should consider relocating to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great place to live and teach. It has a diverse landscape consisting of cities, farmland, regional parks, mountains, forests and beach. Large back-country areas are well set up for mountain biking, skiing, hiking and camping. New Zealand is famous for its world-renowned food and wine. Music is a big part of our culture and there are many concerts, festivals and that showcase these throughout the year. There is something here for everyone.

The New Zealand education system is broad and world- renowned. Irish and UK teachers enjoy teaching in NZ with its affordable health care and education. Schools pride themselves on being safe learning environments with a robust, child centred curriculum.

New Zealand has the work-life balance just right. Working hard and getting ahead is important to us. However, New Zealanders also believe life is for living.

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